Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer stuff


so it is officially summer. this is good. also bad. it means the year is soon coming to an end. it means that super heat waves of death will begin to wreak havoc over the city. it means that cold Coronas will be served and beaches will be visited.

when i was younger my family would always go camping. at least once a year, usually leaving on my birthday (july19). so many memories of cold lakes, mosquito bites, camp fires, froggies... overall good times. unfortunately the years have not been kind to such family activities. our family, once huge and connected is now old and dispersed. family outings of the sort involving cousins and uncles are a thing of yesteryears.

my younger brother (15) is growing up on summers wasted away video-gaming and tv watching into the wee hours of the... morning. that just ain't right. how is he supposed to break bones or get lost in the woods if he doesn't leave his room?

kids belong outside. thats where life happens.

Monday, June 21, 2010

B&W in SF


ok so here is what i did art-wise when i was gone for a month.

first of all... i made these little art boxes before i left. with images and bio and some of my new buttons... basically my website in a box. the plan was to drop them off at coolio places that i would gel with.

the following images are some drawings i did while in SF. mostly while watching NickToons! American commercials were most funs. also i saw around 25 movies in the month i was there. which is, in my opinion, a lot.

this is a mash-up. they remain to be finished. some with lines, some with colour.

back. off track.

hi all.

i am back. i was away in San Francisco for a month. visiting family. playing tourist. meeting some family for the first time. it was all goods times. saw many of "the sites", but i'm really a bad tourist and can only be so excited by a bridge or tower for so long.
i bought plenty of tshirts, a few toys n comics. haha. nothing OVERLY hyper amazing. it wasn't what i would consider a vacation. it was a trip. the difference? a vacation suggests escape. whereas this seemed like the same routine except in a different place with different peoples. but yea, glad to be back in the city that i call mine own. it was a good experience, but now its time to get back on track. back to the drawing board. not to say i didn't draw over there... it just can't be helped.

we were out everyday. i ate plenty. not junk food though. which is a shame as it makes up about 30% of my American knowledge. none offense.

here is me and the bridge.

here i am at ShootingGallery. beside some HUSH on the wall.

this is a wicked art supplies store they have. flax. flax tortilla chips are delish as well.

this is my Sonic Popsicle in front of... some Art Palace or something.
here i am in front of the... postcard houses

here i am with some SKINNER on mural. around Lower Haters.

i miss the palm trees most.



new first cousins from both sides! and my brother. oh man those sunglasses did not come off. my face was red from the sun after a while too. its much hotter back here in Toronto. maybe i will catch a tan. get nice and brown. or stay in the AC'd basement. oh yes.

wow. i am a terrible photographer.
also i started a TWITTER account! yes i was bored.
yes this blog post is annoying. but its somewhat relevant. more to come!