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Thursday, July 5, 2012

putting off epiphanies

blowing the dust off my thoughts, surveying the multiple boxes of words and ideas with no place to go and as such remain boxed up in storage... is it a matter of TIME? need i be patient and wait for my half-empty cup to fill? to runeth over? i don't know. everything keeps getting put off, life getting in the way of life. pointless hobbies and unnecessary sleeping devouring any available time i have. time not spent in front of a screen assisting others live their lives, the 8 hours wasted to make someone else's dream come true while mine is put on hold. when is it going to be MY turn? when will the world stand still, the ball stop, the dart fly and land on my name?

it feels like the internet is trying to tell me something. various images popping up on my FB newsfeed from various friends feeling so specifically directed at me, when in fact they are posted by friends that find themselves in the same hole as i, and as such they speak to them... well at least i am not alone.

the internet is simply loaded with these images! different voices saying the same thing. DO IT! just get off your ass and fucking do it! there is no reason why you can't be happy. no reason why you cannot achieve your dreams but first you have to go for it. take aim. fire.

we are all so unhappy at times with the same routine life but continue to do so because well, there is no other option. bills need to be paid. food needs to be put on the table and no money does not grow on trees... and even if it did it would requires lots of work and maintenance i'm sure! heck i cant even keep these little potted herbs from dying!

you are what you want to be. life is what you make of it. if theres a voice in the back of your head telling you to make time for your passion, to not forget what truly makes you happy.. well.. you should listen to it. 
i know i sure as hell need to.
need to clear my desk of all this clutter and junk and lay down some crisp white emptiness on which to free myself. 


well what else can i tell you? i have been living with the gf for just over a month now. its very awesome. i am very happy. now if only i can get art going i would be a COMPLETE person... and hopefully that wont lead to some scale being unbalanced and horrible shit happening haha.. that would suck.. well, goodnight!

Friday, June 3, 2011

thinking spandex


so apparently its June now. thats some pretty crazy news.
i mean sure we all saw it coming, but so soon? madness i tell you! i have a theory that seconds are getting shorter - and as such minutes - hours - days and yea you get the idea. at this rate it will be 2012 in a blink and a half and then the world will end... or Cthulhu comes down and eats us or... something.

but until then, i have a new show on the way!!

Beyond Our Roots
June 23 - July 3
Reception: June 23, 6-9pm
Gallery 1313 - 1313 Queen St. West
Brought to you by the Latin Canadian Culture Association

it will feature a bunch of great LatinAmerican artists and myself... exploring our hybridization of our native Latin American cultures with the Canadian. some pretty heavy stuff.
personally i am pretty excited about this exhibit as it is very different from the other shows i have taken part in. a whole new world so to speak.
if you are in the city i really hope you can make it. it should be a goooood one. :D

alright. serious business aside here is some random stuff i have been up to for kicks. which in my case usually means super-hero based scribbles. also lots of teeth. gotta love them teeth!

i keep drawing these characters in this way but haven't really DONE anything with them.. i am thinking maybe i should. short comic? short story? huge drawing what with colour and all? hrmmm something. need more productive outlets for my obsession with capes and spandex'd heroes. somethings gotta give!

been watching much Avengers EMH. pretty great. check
it out yo.

hope everyone is doing good. hugs and happy birthdays wherever they apply!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

space cadet


i am currently sniffling and sneezing like only i can. i am drinking lots of liquids... mostly juice. which is making my teeth hurt. i just can't win. but enough pity partying for today!

not sure if i have already mentioned this... but the space themed show entitled "Get Your Ass to Mars" will soon be upon us. which is pretty great. when people say space i usually don't think of planets and aliens... but astronauts, cosmonauts if you will. maybe its because it was my child-hood dream to fly off into the blackness of space and eat weird paste food. nonetheless thats what came to mind and thats the route i'm-a-gonna take.

trying something different this time.

not to give too much away but this piece here was kind of the jumping point.
so yea... something kinda like this will be what i will bring to the party. except no digital-ness.

good? maybe.

Monday, July 5, 2010

thursday and friday


i have nothing huge to report just yet. as such i will let you know what is going on this week. short notice yes, but still.

first up is IT'S MEANT TO BEE
a cool group show going on at Dat Salon featuring some lovely Toronto illustrators, including yours truly. the.... rules of the show are that the artists are to use only black+yellow medium + the colour of the "canvas"... so this should be interesting.
411 is as follows:
Start Time:
Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Friday, July 9, 2010 at 12:00am
Dat Salon
442e Duffrin st
Toronto, ON

next up is a show at SHOW & TELL gallery.
'The Beauty of Failure' a solo show by Anthony Lister.
this guy is pretty awesome. he produces some super great comic-book inspired paintings; raw lines and colours. its stuff i personally find very inspirational... even though i am obviously a failure at describing it.
411 is as follows:
Start Time:
Friday, July 9, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 7:00pm
Show & Tell Gallery
1161 Dundas St. W
Toronto, ON

so.. yea. this is what i am up to later this week. that and the usual.
i will try and post some new work soon. also some exciting news about other projects i am working on. yes yes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

back. off track.

hi all.

i am back. i was away in San Francisco for a month. visiting family. playing tourist. meeting some family for the first time. it was all goods times. saw many of "the sites", but i'm really a bad tourist and can only be so excited by a bridge or tower for so long.
i bought plenty of tshirts, a few toys n comics. haha. nothing OVERLY hyper amazing. it wasn't what i would consider a vacation. it was a trip. the difference? a vacation suggests escape. whereas this seemed like the same routine except in a different place with different peoples. but yea, glad to be back in the city that i call mine own. it was a good experience, but now its time to get back on track. back to the drawing board. not to say i didn't draw over there... it just can't be helped.

we were out everyday. i ate plenty. not junk food though. which is a shame as it makes up about 30% of my American knowledge. none offense.

here is me and the bridge.

here i am at ShootingGallery. beside some HUSH on the wall.

this is a wicked art supplies store they have. flax. flax tortilla chips are delish as well.

this is my Sonic Popsicle in front of... some Art Palace or something.
here i am in front of the... postcard houses

here i am with some SKINNER on mural. around Lower Haters.

i miss the palm trees most.



new first cousins from both sides! and my brother. oh man those sunglasses did not come off. my face was red from the sun after a while too. its much hotter back here in Toronto. maybe i will catch a tan. get nice and brown. or stay in the AC'd basement. oh yes.

wow. i am a terrible photographer.
also i started a TWITTER account! yes i was bored.
yes this blog post is annoying. but its somewhat relevant. more to come!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the show

this is the solo show. i have been working mighty hard and highly recommend you come visit me.
if you live in Toronto you will probably run into one of these. they will be everywhere.
details for the opening are as follows.
click here for facebook event

Start Time:
Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time:
Friday, April 23, 2010 at 12:00pm
sleeping giant gallery
789 dundas st w
Toronto, ON

Thursday, December 3, 2009

time machine-o


soon to be seasons greetings i suppose, though really i do not know what that means. but anyways... the other day i was at SLEEPINGGIANTGALLERY at the reception for Different Strokes for Different Folks, i was talking with fellow artists Jacob Hughes and Mark Burnham. for obvious reasons the conversation turned to age, to the fact that Jacob was 17, Mark 32 and myself 24. three different generations in the same place at the same time. which got me thinking about what i was up to at 17, because sometimes to get a better idea of what the future holds one has to look into the past.
after taking a trip back in time in my amazing time machine i came to realize that although much has changed much has remained the same. many themes and subjects have stayed with me through the years. the more evident ones are as follow; figures, teeth, angel wings, outlines, white figures, superheroes, muscles, distortion of said figures, and darkness. haha looking at this short list i can't help but feel like i should have many more issues than i do (i got none baby!).

at the moment i don't care enough to dig up pre-highschool images so we wil make do with these:

these two images here are from gr.11. it was the first time having to create a "series" of work. for whatever reason my series was on phobias. above we have fear of public speaking and below we have fear of being alone. its pretty crazy looking back into old sketchbooks. i had "meanings" and "reasons" for every element in the paintings. haha and as much as they suggested i avoid outlining things.... i clearly couldn't help myself.

these two here are from a much longer series that came up from a strange dream and metaphors class i had in... first year at OCAD i believe. so i was... 19? i really liked these and stuck with them for a bit. the first one came before OCAD i think, while i was messing with some paint in trying to be a "rougher" painting... i think thats where the buildings came about. the one above here is actually the first piece i ever had in a showed outside of a classroom. it was for a square foot show. which was really open to anyone but it still made me feel very special. especially when i saw that little red dot on the wall beside it haha. good times.

ok so now we come to the present. which all began with much smaller ink on paper drawings in a 4th year class with Ed Pien. the idea was to challenge ourselves by working like one of the artists he showed us slideshows of. i think i actually went with Ed's approach to some of his works which was to begin with a random stroke of ink on the empty paper and draw from it and with it. my first reactions was to draw from inkblots but to draw superheroes. so i had a batman here, a superman there. Ed saw potential in it and told me to keep trying but to not use copyrighted images that the world recognize as such. which led to small random images which ithen decided would be fractions of stories, as they were based on random titles i pulled from books. eventually i tried out mylar as it would allow me to use layers much like i do in Photoshop. time passed... and here we are. the image above is actually one of the first mylar pieces that i regarded as a success. it remains one of my favorites and is the image on my business cards! the image below is much more recent and is currently in a juried show at StationGallery in Whitby.
the current series is doing pretty awesome for me. people seem to like it. which of course is all i can ask for haha. but as any good artist knows, i can keep doing the same thing for only so long. already its begun to evolve in leaps and bounds, at this point i can only guess where i will go. as much as i hate it... i think the plan is to go BIGGER!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

watermelon seeds

it has been a few days, if not weeks, since i have decided to dedicate a few minutes of my very affordable time to sit down and type down a few thoughts... that is in the past now. much like my desire to see the new Wolverine movie.

much has been going on. there was an art show, my mother aged another year, my first bike ride of the summer, a drawing here, a drawing there. i have been surprisingly busy. as busy as an unemployed person could be. i have come to embrace the possibility of "volunteer work" and "free" art eventually leading to much needed cash money. so far... so good? sure why not. i have been learning/trying/googling how to fix my bike. i'm not what you would call a "bike-guy". but i want to be, it seems like a good idea. heaven knows that running can only take a man so far.

time passes, and will pass, regardless of what one does with the time they have. often we find ourselves investing hour after hour into activities and projects that others deem pointless and wasteful. the important thing is to not surrender to the judgments of others. time is the only thing we have a lot of. your life will always be considered short by those you leave behind. what matters is that we don't forget that there is always something to gain, to learn from a new experience, no matter how futile... as such no time is wasted. it is all necessary in the long run.

as i type this i am eating a deliciously sweet watermelon. seedless. been a while since i have had one with seeds, the option really seems pointless.

i have family that love to sit outside in the summer and feast on a watermelon or two, always spitting the seeds in the same plot of dirt. one spring they noticed new life stirring in what was once an empty patch of earth. in time the seedling began to grow what resembled a small watermelon. it was an amazing discovery for us all. not so much because the environment was unsuitable for such fruit but because it was completely unintentional. no one could have foreseen that something would actually rise up through untreated dry dirt laced with cigarette butts. but it happened. similarly one simply lacks the foresight to know what every minuscule decision and minute spent will lead to. in the end, its all good.

i am a contributing illustrator to a new online magazine entitled THE LEMON LIFE.
please check it out!

i am also taking part in a group show at THE SLEEPING GIANT.
please come say hi!

random sketch, felt like sharing.

random sketch. i dog is a jerk. really.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

part of a complete breakfast

lately i have been drawing, photoshop-ing and painting almost daily. my breakfast meals (my food when i get up, regardless of actual time) has been composed of honeynut cheerios with strawberries and blackberries, followed by a healthy dose of sketchbook and coffee.

which is awesome. but it also means i have to get out more. which i have been doing! to walk the dog... which means cold, freezing, leash holding hands of death. damn unexpected ice wind!!

anywho... i have nothing exciting to say. have an art show starting... in a few hours i suppose. that is good.... hopefully that goes super-fantastic. we are getting it catered! which apparently means springrolls! oh delish. who needs wine and cheese when you have greasy stuffs!!?
now if only i had words of wisdom to impart on you dear readers... but i dont.
this is what i have been up to:

drew this some time ago. got to colouring it. not sure about the purple.

this thing was drawn same day as one above. coloured it the other day... tried some collage aspects. some elements work. enough of them to leave it be.

the birds with belly teeth are relatively new. somewhat the same design of a penguin i drew maybe 4yrs ago now... wow so long... and i still love shoving mouths into belly regions! mostly on birds... i make myself wonder sometimes... other times not so much. i'm not sure what is going on in this picture. it will probably be a long night for the penguin looking guy.
the tree/bird/henchman character is new. i love him. so much i will paint him!!

i did say i wanted to paint him. no clue how this will turn out. this is how it goes. this thing is pretty big... well for me anyways. 3x4 feet.

this came out this "morning" and was coloured shortly after. fresh!!
does anybody want to make this a tshirt for me?
ps. don't steal images!! -- bad karma!

i will close with this. drawn seconds before the hydra monster. debating whether to colour at all. debating whether to make it a series... a bible study of sorts.