Friday, December 10, 2010

december dreaming


i have a blog?

yes apparently i do. the girlfriend reminds me every now and then.
alright so lets do this! *cracks knuckles*
how is everyone doing? it is cold here in Toronto. snowing and whatnot.
Christmas crap in every corner, shoppers shopping and
being filled with "holiday spirit" as they honk their horns and shove shopping carts... haha festive! i think i'm too Charlie Brown for the season. oh brother.

so a few things have been going on... here, let me tell you.

the other day while watching Scrooged on tv i decided i should do a nice Christmas drawing or something to make an e-card or whatever out of it... because lets face it its too late for ME to figure out printing and mailing before the date. this is what i came up with:

yea a bit darker than i had expected. hence i will have to make another.

for those of you that have extra money and time kicking around, here is my Wish List for this year. :) on the top of the list is a crossbow.. or a recurve bow. unfortunately there was an incident in the city not too long ago about a murder involving a crossbow, putting a damper on my crossbow excitement. in reality if an individual wishes to harm another individual he/she will do so with whatever instruments are available to them.
eg. Ms.Scarlet with the Lead Pipe in the Billiard room. anyways.... list:

here is a commission piece i did for a talented photographer in California. who just happens to be my cousin. it was a wedding gift for a friend of his.

here is what is going on at Galerie D'Este in Montreal. go check it out.

here is what is going on at SleepingGiant Gallery in Toronto. go check it out. very fun stuff.

also i will be part of the AdventShow again at Fine&Dandy Gallery in Toronto. be sure to check that out as well!

lets see... that sums stuff up yea? i will hopefully snap out of whatever daze i am in soon and get posting... also updating that website of mine... also that facebook page i made.

til then... hope everyone is doing well and having good holiday happy family friends fun time.