Sunday, May 10, 2009

watermelon seeds

it has been a few days, if not weeks, since i have decided to dedicate a few minutes of my very affordable time to sit down and type down a few thoughts... that is in the past now. much like my desire to see the new Wolverine movie.

much has been going on. there was an art show, my mother aged another year, my first bike ride of the summer, a drawing here, a drawing there. i have been surprisingly busy. as busy as an unemployed person could be. i have come to embrace the possibility of "volunteer work" and "free" art eventually leading to much needed cash money. so far... so good? sure why not. i have been learning/trying/googling how to fix my bike. i'm not what you would call a "bike-guy". but i want to be, it seems like a good idea. heaven knows that running can only take a man so far.

time passes, and will pass, regardless of what one does with the time they have. often we find ourselves investing hour after hour into activities and projects that others deem pointless and wasteful. the important thing is to not surrender to the judgments of others. time is the only thing we have a lot of. your life will always be considered short by those you leave behind. what matters is that we don't forget that there is always something to gain, to learn from a new experience, no matter how futile... as such no time is wasted. it is all necessary in the long run.

as i type this i am eating a deliciously sweet watermelon. seedless. been a while since i have had one with seeds, the option really seems pointless.

i have family that love to sit outside in the summer and feast on a watermelon or two, always spitting the seeds in the same plot of dirt. one spring they noticed new life stirring in what was once an empty patch of earth. in time the seedling began to grow what resembled a small watermelon. it was an amazing discovery for us all. not so much because the environment was unsuitable for such fruit but because it was completely unintentional. no one could have foreseen that something would actually rise up through untreated dry dirt laced with cigarette butts. but it happened. similarly one simply lacks the foresight to know what every minuscule decision and minute spent will lead to. in the end, its all good.

i am a contributing illustrator to a new online magazine entitled THE LEMON LIFE.
please check it out!

i am also taking part in a group show at THE SLEEPING GIANT.
please come say hi!

random sketch, felt like sharing.

random sketch. i dog is a jerk. really.