Saturday, April 23, 2011

april showers

greetings all,

i have been very busy as of late, apparently too busy to sit with a drink and share a few words with the good people of the internet. a steady combination of art work, freelance work, work work, and working out has kept me crazy occupied- which unfortunately does not translate to productivity in this case.

the papier11 fair in Montreal went well, kind words and a few bucks in my pocket. can't complain. once i get some images of the event i wills share.

so often this month i have found myself lost in thought, weighing new experiences and stories; turning simple actions and brief conversations into arm long essays and finger snapping prose... words and sentences which are nowhere to be found at this moment. right now i am tired and should be sleeping. maybe next time i will have some rants for ya.
but for now i will share a few images of stuffs i have been up to.

here are some little drawings on coloured paper. i still have way too much of this paper. helps the hours pass at work.

so here is another teaser! i know i haven't put up the finished pieces of past previews i have posted on here... but i totally will! and soon too! so this one i am just about finished. i am very happy with it. its a little bit different than past pieces but you can't really tell from this bit. in this piece there are many many little people. i haven't counted them all but theres maybe like 30 of them. maybe i will do one next with 100s.

brought some pencil crayons to work the other day. didn't go so hot. maybe another time and place... and more direction. here is Superman me hanging out with GreenLantern me. i don't know why there are so many skulls. guess i just like drawing skulls. who knew?

here is some random guy. i... got nothing.

the other day i was watching some Batman Brave and the Bold. good stuff. this one episode was pretty crazy though. Batman had a rainbow suit and was fighting a rainbow bear. you just had to be there!

last but not least here is a scan of one of my favorite pages from Superman Emperor Joker. art by Ed McGuiness. i just love this guy. i like this scene because it captures a bit of how crazy Jeph Loeb writes Bizarro talk. its so crazy!

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anyways... til next time peeps. hope everyone had a good easter and such. xo