Sunday, January 31, 2010

short month


it is the first day of February! the month know for its shortness, paper hearts, and sad faces. not to mention the fact that i seem to spell it wrong most every time.
i hope you have all been well. i have been pretty okay. i am failing on my NewYrs Resolution with great eagerness. on the bright side i have been slaying away on work for the solo show. i will upload some teasers next time we meet. now here is some news and such.

well i am currently splitting my waking hours between solo show art, other illustration stuff, and renovating my basement!! i have made much too many trips to the hardware store these days. seriously. hours upon hours lost picking out the right toilet, vanity, potlights, dragging laminate flooring and sheets of drywall around... oh death. here is a photo of me taking a picture of a vanity i liked for the sake of deciding. thought i would share because i think its funny. also i dont seem to post pics of myself. however will you know its me when we by chance meet?

Feb.12 . 8pm . You Know What Love IS . Sleeping Giant Gallery
this will be a very awesome show. a very sexxxy show i am thinking. featuring most of the amazing skills that brought you the Villain Show!! also the show is sponsored by MadLove. meaning there will surely be some love-inspired freebies. you would be a not-cool person to miss it. here is the facebook event page! people still use facebook right??

Mar.19 . 3-9pm . Broken Arts Fair . McLaughlin Library . Oshawa
do you like zines? love them maybe? love arts and crafts and baked goods and junk?! well... if you live in Oshawa or if you like drives/GO trains/whatever... you want to go to this! there will be many tables chalk-full of amazing stuff and things to buy and enjoy! not only will i have my SECOND zine available for purchase (copies of the first one "it was the blurst of times" will still be kicking!).... i have been making small drawings on different coloured papers and will have them for peoples at DIRT CHEAP prices!! heres a shot of a bunch of them so far:

i don't have much more to tell i don't think. if anything else comes up be sure you wills be one of the firsts to know. much love.

Monday, January 18, 2010


the LemonLife article i last did an illustration for just went up.
check it out why don't ya?

Friday, January 15, 2010

i gots 99 problems

for once i have decided to open a blog entry with an image opposed to... words. it looks nice when other ppl and well, maybe it'll look good on me. how y'all been? i'm okay. been trying to keep busy doing my thang. been slacking more than i care to admit. new yr resolutions already going down the crapper. need to redo the website. thinking of using the twins up there as a jumping point. dunno.

this is an illustration i did for LemonLife. i'll let you look at their site and hopefully the article will be up when you do and you can judge for yourself whether its a fair illustration for said article. i decided to throw the initial sketch in there too. sketches are funs!

random sketchbook stuff.
6-page sketches of an... origin story of some character i came up with named Dr.Think... may have mentioned him some months back... may need to change the character's name as i don't think the origin story works with name... or maybe i will make many origins for same character and it'll be a fun gimmick of sorts... ( i realize its hard to follow, decided to post just to show those that might care how scribbly my sketches are at times.)

need to get about a million things done these days. haha maybe thats what i mean by 99 problems... also i was playing the Jay-Z track and couldn't resist. if only i didn't have to sleep... oh but how i love to sleep! to dream!

Sunday, January 3, 2010



how about that! i don't have to say "thousand" anymore! which is... good? who knows. looking back at past blog entries i am noticing they are more chit-chat rants than anything else. so i will spare you this time. i will sum up my year so far by saying that i am sick and my dog is sick and its cold and boo its sucks.

here is my chester at christmas! poor guy got assulted by the "hey lets make the dog look like an idiot" jerks.

ok so i bought a pound of paper at Wal-Mart the other day and then decided to toss them on drawings. i dont know how i feel about the outcome. most likely i am done. i will end up using the lovely coloured papers for something else... but what?! a diorama you say?!

more playing with wood chips while waiting for train.

ok so i did these two little watercolurs entitled "childhood friend 1" and "childhood friend 2" respectively, because for an xmas get together gift exchange the idea was to make something. so i made these and then framed and wrapped the top one. after being stolen a few times it ended up at the happy hands of Dianne. i am thinking i will make many more little watercolours like this. though they will not all be blogged about as that will defeat the purpose of updating and redoing the ol' website.

ok. now that i got that blogging bug out of my system for the day i need to get on my "serious" art. 2010 huh... already a thorn in my spine... or however the expression goes.