Tuesday, May 18, 2010


here is whats going on.

i am leaving to California. mostly to chill in San Francisco, with a sprinkle of LA. should be good times. if not for the terrible missing of my beloved girlfriend. she means everything to me (mush mush) and i will be away for a month! holy potato chips this will be sucks!!

the challenge will be to enjoy myself... at least a little bit.

also here is the skateboard i did for the FREEDOMFIGHTERS board auction.

also i am making/getting new buttons! this will be pretty swell if i say so myself.

also. have any of you been watching Smallville still? season finale eh... whats up with that? if you're reading this Rob.... we'll have to do some Superman chatting over a cold one when i get back. na mean?

this is all for now. expect fun and exciting news from... wherever i is.
Californiaaaaaaaaaa here i cooommeeeeeeeee!

Friday, May 7, 2010


i have been thinking more and more about making some t-shirts.... well... printing some. i have been told by many people that i am foolish for not having done so thus far as it will be awesome and there will be money and hey... t-shirts are just cool.

i am still in the process of thinking. as i want to approach this from a very serious clothing line perspective and design a name and logo and what-have-you.

i did however upload a drawing onto a shirt on threadless.com
apparently i need ppls to vote on it. good votes. and then it can be a for real shirt and the world can be a slightly better place.

this is an older drawing. i think i posted it on here when i did it. either way. vote!
i will hopefully see some of you at the skateboard thing tommorow...err.. later today.
i need to sleep.

Monday, May 3, 2010



the solo show came and went. it was pretty fantastic i would say. of course i am not the kind of person to ever be completely satisfied with...well... pretty much anything. nonetheless, the least i can say is that it was pretty fantastic.
new friends, new fans, new insights and wonderful conversations, on top of all that i made a few bucks. so really who can complain. it was the first. but very far from the last.
a heart-felt thanks to all those that came out and made it a day to remember.
here are some shots of the installation.... and the back wall i painstakingly painted.

this is me in front of my window. this is my summer hat.



some people

amazing cake my girlfriend made for the event.

myself, Mr.Elia Morrison and my brother Roberto.

back wall.

fortunately the silence after the show didn't last too long.
i am one of the many talented artists out there to take part in
Another Disposable Art Show

taking place at 52 McCaul
on Saturday May 8th.

here is what it is:
Freedom Fighter Skateboards has teamed up with Well and Good to have this year's Disposable Art show titled "Another Disposable Art show" at 52 McCaul.

This year we wanted to focus on homegrown talent. We are featuring 35 artists from across Canada with over 40 decks being done. This is a silent auction fundraiser to help raise money for Free Skates to help build skateboards for youth here and abroad that would normally not have the means to do so themselves.

indeed it is.
more info here: http://freedomfighterskateboards.wordpress.com/
facebook it here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112917608739848&ref=ts

alright. i am out for now. keep in touch though, i like you guys.
which is why i added a messaging thing on the site. its in the about section!

see you.