Friday, January 14, 2011

twenty eleven and counting.

hello peeps!

i hope you all had a good new year celebration party time filled with noise and kazoos and glitter and all that good stuff that push us into a new calendar. mine was alright, lots of sneezing and coughing... well, from everyone but me. i am either immune or a carrier. like the monkey from that movie im not sure i saw or not.

anyways anyways... been keeping busy. trying to be healthy and such... which is a funny thing to say i just scarfed down some nachos my brother gave me for giving him a ride from the bar. it pays to be kind. :) now i am filled with nachos... and sad faces.

here are some new watercolour things i have done this year:

i decided to include a progress shot of the Beauty and the Beast illustration. why? because its fun. also because i hardly ever like my pieces until i line them up nice. and this is how that is...

also! big news!
i have opened a store on etsy though i initially wanted to avoid it and set up a shop via my site, i decided to bite the bullet and go the easy route... for now. click this banner to ch-ch-check it out!

also! i have a 20% off coupon you can use on my facebook fan page. if you is not a fan... click it. like it. kick back and enjoy the honey warm feeling you will get from it.

this is all for now. much more to come! as i have been quite busy.
now i go back to my Justice League cartoon. this one has Darkseid. gooood times!