Wednesday, August 18, 2010

these days


been pretty blah these days. various reasons.
been workin on ma astronauts... still need to figure out how to make everything come together in the end. bg and scale and whatnot. also i have been playing with/obsessing over action figures more than usual lately. quite possibly will result in some kind of stop-motion action figure magic. seriously. been making little couches and carpets and hardwood floors... madness.

here are some random shots i made.
also a random sketch from being all blah. whilst drinking my afternoon coffee.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

space cadet


i am currently sniffling and sneezing like only i can. i am drinking lots of liquids... mostly juice. which is making my teeth hurt. i just can't win. but enough pity partying for today!

not sure if i have already mentioned this... but the space themed show entitled "Get Your Ass to Mars" will soon be upon us. which is pretty great. when people say space i usually don't think of planets and aliens... but astronauts, cosmonauts if you will. maybe its because it was my child-hood dream to fly off into the blackness of space and eat weird paste food. nonetheless thats what came to mind and thats the route i'm-a-gonna take.

trying something different this time.

not to give too much away but this piece here was kind of the jumping point.
so yea... something kinda like this will be what i will bring to the party. except no digital-ness.

good? maybe.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

dreaming of and with

dear Jessica,

i crawled into bed beside you at around 7am. you were not impressed but not upset. drunk and sore i quickly fell asleep. your alarm woke us two hours later, you had to get ready for school. we exchanged a few words while i was half asleep, i remember being half conscious the entire time. but at the same time i was dreaming... as i often do.
i was dreaming that i was in bed... while you were getting ready. and in that dream i dreamt i was in bed, while you were getting ready, and we were chatting and having good times... conversations and words which then trickled out of this dream and had me talking in my sleep... or at least while half-sleep in my dream.

these dreams went on for what felt like hours.

i was going through your binders and was impressed with how organized you were. you showed me a plasticine Superman you made me. it felt like i had been lying in bed, shielding my eyes from the bedroom light for hours and hours, when in reality only one hour had passed. you shook me at around 10, asking if i could join you for breakfast, i was surprisingly awake and alert. rested. it really felt as if i was in bed longer than i was.

but what i find funniest is that with all the possible realities and scenarios that i was capable of dreaming up, i found myself right where i was. with you in my room, making small talk and laughing before you went off to school.


anwyays, that is what happened this morning and i decided to blog about it in a letter form to my lovely lady. the dream was pretty crazy. but also really convenient because i have had these drawings kicking around for a few days and this is a great way to bring them up on the blog!

not entirely sure what to do with them... an animation of sorts seems like a good idea. i'm sure the concept/characters will pop up again in one of my many projects. what do you think?

fyi they are matryoshka dolls... of sorts.

speaking of dreams... i have yet to see INCEPTION. everyone else has and says good things. i will eventually. but much like the blue faced AVATAR movie, i will probably avoid it just because there is so much hype. nonsense i know.