Friday, September 2, 2011

still breathing

i am still alive.

if you have heard otherwise... than thats just crazy talk.

as per usual i have been caught it up with life, or in a way, lives; and have lost touch with a few things along the way. in this case i am referring to this blog. so much has happened in my time away. i have been busy working the day-job, have been scheming and dreaming countless projects, hopefully some of them will see the light of day. the "Beyond our Roots" show came and went, here is a video that sums it up pretty well.

what else? i had a birthday. i am now 26. i have been slowly working on new stuff, while piling away numerous sketches and small drawings. all the while i have been dreaming, planning, hoping for more to come and willing magic to happen... one project at a time.

i attended the Abstract/ Expressionists art exhibit at the AGO on
loan from the MOMA. some exciting stuff from favorites such as Rothko and Pollack, Gorsky and the like. i would have to say that although it was a real treat to view the work in person opposed to heavy text books in the end it is the concept and heart behind the work... gets a guy thinking. asking myself questions about identity and legacy; there is so much i would like to accomplish yet somedays its difficult just to drag my ass out of bed at a "normal" hour.

i finally got a smartphone. crazy stuff. don't think it has actually made me more productive or anything of the sort but at least i can.. buy more stuff on eBay? google random facts? oh yea... what a smart phone it is.

at this point allow me to scan and post a bunch of sketches. wow i think i went through a whole sketchbook while i have been gone. one of the upsides to the 9-5... good sketching time!

the sketches are on these little imitation moleskin books i picked up at the dollar store for $2. i love them. i love the idea of a pile of old sketchbooks... obviously in this scenario i have passed on and its either a loved one that knew me or a descendant that had come to inherit the dusty old pages. its sad in that i would be dead. an idea that actually terrifies me. but its exciting in that these sheets pen-scribbled papers will outlive me and become so much more after i have left this world. as much as i enjoy the digital world.... it can never hold the same value or create the same connection as torn pages with fingerprints and smudges.

its getting late so i will get myself to bed. slowly i am becoming less the night owl i once was. ah the dreary day job... it pays the bills but is it really worth it? only time will tell i suppose. i envision myself dividing my person into 3 different beings. hugo1 would be driven by responsibilities and common sense, he would go to bed early, wake early, pursue his fitness goals, go to work and pay his bills. hugo2 will burn the midnight oil painting and drawing, writing and reading, slowly building a creative empire and name for himself. while hugo3 will enjoy overpriced coffees and long evening with his beloved, movie nights with family, chill out with his friends and spend money on his nerdy hobbies. unfortunately the only way i can be everything at once is... well, maybe if i was able to rid myself of the need to sleep... but that probably won't be happening any time soon. but who knows, things change.