Monday, December 31, 2012

hours to go!

hey internet peoples!!

this year is just about up, drinks are being poured, lists for changes are being made... and after all is said and done, its just another day. 
hey so the world didn't end a couple days ago, thats pretty cool, would have been a bummer for sure! hope everyone is doing good, in good health and all that, high spirits. things are good on my end, been busy here and there and so on... lets see... biggest piece of news; got ENGAGED! madness i know. if you know me you know its been a long time coming and i couldn't be happier! now comes the incredible stress and panic of planning the actual event. 

on the art front its been pretty quiet. i did however come to a revelation... i'm an "illustrator" more than i am anything else. if you ask me to draw you a ninja squirrel i will laugh for a few minutes and get it done with gusto! though having to stop and try to think of getting back into galleries; creating a new body of art and being super deep and such... my brain shuts down. so let's not worry about it and have some fun! 

here are some watercolours i was messing with. can't seem to drop the SKULLS heh.

on to some work i've been up to, and awesomeness to come... here is the new cover for the 2nd installment of ALL YOUR FATES, an awesome multi-dimensional novel on WATTPAD, and soon to be much much more ;)   that is all i will say for now. lets just say i will be buying a crap load of new pens!

here is a link to chapters! READ!>>  ALLYOUR FATES  <<

also! will be launching new site, shaking off the past and moving forwards! intend to get back into the thick of things, working the FB fan page, the tweets, the blog, the whole nine! here is a monster i drew at work. yay free time at work to draw random stuff!... mostly monsters. yep. it is what it is.


wish you all the best. hope 2013 works pretty sweet with you all. lets all get our shits together and live awesome lives! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the wee hours

its 1:51am, i have not been awake at this hour for some time, or rather, i have not been awake at this time with a paintbrush in my hand for a long time. i don't know if i like what i am working on or if it will actually amount to anything but i am doing it, and this pleases me.
almost 2months ago i turned 27, which is the oldest i have ever turned, though today i am older than that, and once i click the button to publish this ranty blog entry i will be older still. every now and then a new white hair announces itself to the world, my temples slowly winterizing.

nothing has really changed, work is work, my free time is still looking for a real purpose. but overall things are well. i am still crazy in love with my lady, my four-legged friends are healthy and happy, no real complaints here.

art? well i'm still drawing and doodling all kinds of weird shtuff while the hours crawling by at work. scribbles and such i have been posting on my TUMBLR. check'er out yo!

thats where my online presence wanders. also the nerdy page i update as slowly as i keep this one going. been spending some energy with my brother and his IronMan life, probably too much Iron in my brains.

still doing the skulls whenever i can. still good times. this is what i'm working on right now; it's already changed a big deal since i took the picture, the end result will be... something.

it feels like i have been posting on this blog but it turns out i haven't, its been that damn tumblr! so lets see what else is visually enticing and new? well, i am taking part in a badass Lovecraft based Zine! brainchild of the talented Trevor Henderson the zine is entitled PUFFED SHOGOTHS, has some serious talent on board and will def be a site for sore eyes! 

here are my 2 humble entries: 

i will keep yous guys up to date with that zine. be sure to pick one up when they happen!
the time is now 2:52am, and my back hurts. its not that i type so incredibly slowly but rather that i get crazy distracted. between penning details on whatever the heck i'm working on and watching season one of this "new" CGI styled GreenLantern cartoon. good times. but this chair does suck, and as much as i want to go to bed... its too late for that. Jess will be getting up for her baking job very soon, and to crawl into bed a mere half hour before she gets up, risking waking her up, its not worth it. 

well, lets wrap this up. i need to lie down on the couch or something i guess. catch y'all next time. hopefully not months down the road. geez man!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

putting off epiphanies

blowing the dust off my thoughts, surveying the multiple boxes of words and ideas with no place to go and as such remain boxed up in storage... is it a matter of TIME? need i be patient and wait for my half-empty cup to fill? to runeth over? i don't know. everything keeps getting put off, life getting in the way of life. pointless hobbies and unnecessary sleeping devouring any available time i have. time not spent in front of a screen assisting others live their lives, the 8 hours wasted to make someone else's dream come true while mine is put on hold. when is it going to be MY turn? when will the world stand still, the ball stop, the dart fly and land on my name?

it feels like the internet is trying to tell me something. various images popping up on my FB newsfeed from various friends feeling so specifically directed at me, when in fact they are posted by friends that find themselves in the same hole as i, and as such they speak to them... well at least i am not alone.

the internet is simply loaded with these images! different voices saying the same thing. DO IT! just get off your ass and fucking do it! there is no reason why you can't be happy. no reason why you cannot achieve your dreams but first you have to go for it. take aim. fire.

we are all so unhappy at times with the same routine life but continue to do so because well, there is no other option. bills need to be paid. food needs to be put on the table and no money does not grow on trees... and even if it did it would requires lots of work and maintenance i'm sure! heck i cant even keep these little potted herbs from dying!

you are what you want to be. life is what you make of it. if theres a voice in the back of your head telling you to make time for your passion, to not forget what truly makes you happy.. well.. you should listen to it. 
i know i sure as hell need to.
need to clear my desk of all this clutter and junk and lay down some crisp white emptiness on which to free myself. 


well what else can i tell you? i have been living with the gf for just over a month now. its very awesome. i am very happy. now if only i can get art going i would be a COMPLETE person... and hopefully that wont lead to some scale being unbalanced and horrible shit happening haha.. that would suck.. well, goodnight!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

cracked feet

so there is what i can only describe as a crack down the bottom of my foot, the sole of my foot if you will. although it probably shouldn't be, i cant help but find it entertaining... the very odd part of me is thinking how neat it would be if my foot split open and a new foot was revealed. a secret foot of sorts. yup.

ok this entry may have gotten off on... the wrong foot here. HAW HAW! so good.

but seriously folks. all is well, been drawing random things here and there, this is good. need to work bigger! unfortunately i am currently lacking the midnight hours and space to accomplish this. on the plus side i will be moving wicked soon and THEN i will have this which i currently lack and will have officially run out of excuses.

so i set up that ETSY page i was talking about some time ago. currently has 20 things. please check it out! if you have money and the desire you should buy stuff, if not you should spread the word. if you do not wish to do either... you should go draw something. just cuz.

here are 2 random drawings i did at work. the first came from the word HEIGHT from Illustration Friday. though i have never actually submitted anything its always nice to get an email every week with a random word. the second came from a conversation at work where i said "hey i drew a Princess.. what should she be doing?" and the reply was "i dont know... eating a sandwich?" so then yea. this happened. cool? cool.

i would have more pretty, and complete drawings i did at work to show you if it wasn't for the girlfriend lending me Tina Fey's book. its too hilariously distracting! also i actually gotta work...

i am off to sleep now. until i can find a way to give up sleep for permanent i will forever be dragged down by needing to lay to rest every few hours and dream crazy crazy dreams. nighty nights all!

Friday, April 27, 2012

what day is it?

crossing days off the calendar, moving forwards towards the next day and the next, each bearing great resemblance to the previous. marked by moments of enlightenment and desire to DO this and CHANGE that and then just like that these feelings of euphoria are gone in an instant and we are back to the regular rhythm of life. but hey, lets focus on the exciting moments why don't we?

in June i will have a new address. i will have a new neighborhood. a new route. new view from my window. this is exciting, this is frightening, as milestones in life always are.

on THAT note... i don't really want to move with any large pieces of art i have kicking around, don't want to deal with the annoyance of storage etc etc.. so i figure i will drop prices and try to move as much stuff as i can! make more space in the moving truck and add a few bucks to my pocket! win win!

also on a similar note, i am working on re-doing the website. new feel. new art. new direction. same awesomeness and assortment of skulls and junk!

been drawing random stuff. found a new kind of "paper" at the art store the other day. its got the wheels in my head turning. ♫ A Daaangerous Past time, I know! ♪ before i pack up the PC and my pens i hope to get the site up and running and have the shop doing its thing! will be sure to keep you all in the loop. though of course if you have not already done so... pls LIKE my Facebook page. its just easier to holla at y'all!

Monday, February 27, 2012

on to something....

this February has 29 days. its a leap year. i suppose this means we have an extra day to leap forward, leap into something. change. also woman can propose to men on the 29th. in Denmark the tradition applies to the 24th of Feb, if a man rejects her he owes her 12 pairs of gloves.

life is not one-directional, we have to learn to switch paths and make quick decisions, roll with the punches, keep on moving towards what matters. i don't have a 5-year plan, never had... maybe i could use one, who knows.

i have been working towards change, taking from the past what works and letting go of what has lost its appeal. so my initial idea was to venture back into the world of comics and tights to draw inspiration from. started this one some days ago, before the images in my previous post... have decided to let it go. not quite feeling it.

i have decided to focus more on being an "illustrator" than a "fine artist" it feels better. the former title fits more comfortably, more space to move and p-p-party! would rather not stress myself worrying about the fancy galleries and wine parties that alienate me, rather go back to focusing on kickstarting some tshirts and stickers. maybe a vinyl figure! thats what i want. and that is what i will do.

the watercolours i had posted previously really got me thinking of these "dream giants" i have come up with. have decided to pursue this idea further. i don't know what will come of it, but something will happen. feeling pretty good about this... who knows what dreams will come, heh.

these are 8x10, much more work needs to go into them. whether i will consider them finished pieces or "studies" only time will tell. stay tuned in! catch you next time... same sky time? hugo time? hugo channel? OK lets drop that.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

neither here nor there

i have a Transformers calendar hanging by my bed. i try to write in every relevant event that comes to pass. it helps me keep track of what i did and when, but also seeing something scribbled on almost every page makes me feel pretty good about being a do-er. opposed to just a guy that thinks he does but doesn't.

Valentine's day passed, thats pretty exciting right? spent it with my lady, this year she was in charge of EVERYTHING, which is kind of a jerk move but it was fun in the end. we went out for dinner followed by amateur night at Yuk Yuk's. also she got me this great, uber cute, pop-up V-day card! which just happens to be in scale with some action figures... which i'm pretty sure was her plan all along. or not.

my lovely lass also got me some chocolates and the February issue of Juxtapoz that i really wanted but couldn't seem to find. it featured awesome artist Jeremy Geddes. just amazing, solid work. comes to no surprise that he paints 12hrs/day 7 days/week, the hours of work really show through. oh if i could only be so dedicated, who knows what i could accomplish.

got home at midnight from work 2 days ago and decided to bust out the ol' watercolours. threw down some ink and water. followed through with some pen afterwards. pretty happy with the results. they seem to me to be dream or nightmare giants of some kind. maybe they walk through sleeping cities unleashing all kinds of madness. i think this is something i can build on. magazine reading and recent conversations really have me thinking that i should be doing more studies and preliminary work before taking on a "real" piece.

the scans of the pictures came out weird, maybe i need a better scanner, or maybe i just need to make more work to scan and learn how to scan more accurately as i go.

so thats what i have been up to this week. how are things with you? think i am going to stick to smaller works/studies for a bit longer until i feel they are getting nice and meaty enough to make a meal out of. thinking of throwing the smaller works on etsy or something. make a few quick bucks.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

back and forth

this past week has been all over the place; good news, bad news... neutral news that really just becomes an irritating "maybe" in life, and everything in between. i have made so many lists in my little notebook you'd think i was printing receipts. does that make sense?

anyways so i put down some lines to add to the underlayer of this very blue piece i had started up some time ago. through it in a frame (broke one sheet of glass in the process) and called it a day. i like it, its pretty OK, but its not different enough. its still very much in the same place the others came from.

detail shot. many details are still lost in the shot, all in all though there is more drawing than usual. also switching back to pens n such instead of nibs and bottles of ink allowed for quicker easier lining.

no need/desire to go into details but past events have really got me thinking that i need to push. like, really push. not just in regards to effort and hours but also a need to push in a different direction.
my brother would always say "your paintings suck! you should just draw mor
e!" it was always about the drawing, its what came naturally... the work that came out these past years was always rooted in the attempt to combine paint/abstract with the lines that i have always known... maybe its time to put that experiment to rest. it was
fun while it lasted, got some good hype, learned a few things. in the end i feel that i came to depend on the same style and process for too long. like a shark i need to keep
swimming forwards in order to avoid sinking.

just keep swimming. keep swimming.

on a side note, my dog Chester has started classes. if you know me and have met this beast you would know he is not what you would call a well-behaved dog. hes loveable to the max but also loud and ka-razy! so far things have been going very well and i am so excited for the day he can run around freely at the dog park. i will be in tears! kid you not!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

back in the day

i remember the days when i was a young kid growing up, looking in the mirror, dreaming about blowin' up.... but seriously folks...

like any problem one should start at the beginning. the whys of the world. why does hugo draw? well.. because it just makes sense to. its just the way its always

been. until recently its always been my source of peace and sense of fulfillment. need to recapture the magic.

was going through some Juxtapoz books i have. good times. always cool to
read how others got started, how they fell into their craft, how they caught their big break.

oh but how frustrating it is! trying to find the love again... talking about this... heh performance issue with a friend the other day she came to the conclusion that i have changed as a person, and as such it does not make sense for me to continue to make the same work and expect the same satisfaction when i myself am different. this makes sense.

here is a shot of a much larger piece i have been throwing lines at for the past couple of days. its ok i guess, thinking of moving away from so much black, moving towards more and more lines and details and less abstract mess. dont know how i feel about this one. boo-urns.

brought some watercolour paper to work... dont have a desk to actually paint or anything but coffee is always on hand. so then these came out. fun enough.

in the process of packing still. a bit on the early side but its fun for some reason... packed away some of my smaller sketchbooks. so crazy looking through them. these go back as far as 04! with all the crap i have these are the books that matter the most. comics, artbooks, action figures, DVDs, junk and junk... it can all be replaced. THESE books a
re one of a kind. part journal, part image development, so many stories are told.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ctrl + A + delete

if all goes well i will be elsewhere in 4 months. a different view from my window, a different route from here to there. though i mean this in the literal sense that involves picking up address change forms at the PostOffice i also mean this in the metaphorical sense in regard to my brains.

for some time now i have had this urge to put everything away. out of sight, out of mind. neatly sorted in cardboard boxes in the recesses of my mind. is that the easy way out? to force things out of sight in order to better focus on what matters? to wear blinders instead of just willing my eyes to look forward....

i have been trying to keep busy. just going at it, whether the results are to my liking or not its good to just get moving in the right direction. forwards, upwards, just keep swimming. anyways heres what came out since last posting in the few minutes i find time to just ink away.

its difficult to get into the draw draw drawing rhythm again. also i am trying to stop falling back to the same routine of things. i'm not trying to be someone completely different but want to change up some. know what i am meaning? am also working on a larger piece, these little doodles may have warmed me up a tad, hopefully something good will come out of this.

i hope that like Stella i can, in time, get my GROOVE back. how are you people of the internet feeling these posts? watching me pick myself up off the floor and prop myself back at the drawing board... only time will tell.

"And why do we fall Bruce?"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

mild nights

well so far things are not necessarily going in the direction i want. i am constantly think and rethinking what to do with myself but have yet to take any serious action. felling very stuck. feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, as the expression goes. though really it makes little sense, unless we live in a 2-dimensional world.... otherwise one would have to assume that somehow rock + hard place = complete 360 degrees of enclosure, which is probably not the case; in conclusion i am over thinking things.

is this kind of transparent ranting about my inner workings a bad thing to type up in my blog? does a writer at all benefit from admitting to the public that a serious case of writer's block has set in? maybe it is best for me to illustrate an illusion wherein all is peachy keen and i am artist of the year, proficient as the proverbial ant stocking up for the winter! instead of the shitty reality of saying "hey guys, yea i haven't been very productive.. i dunno why... work and shit i guess"?

tonight was incredibly mild for early January. took the dog on a nice walk sans phone or ipod. alone with the dog and my thoughts... and poop bags. i think this is good. thoughts are good. i then came home and worked out. also good. body and mind are kind of a 2-for-1 deal in my books.

currently i am wearing a latex glove on my right hand because its covered in pink spray paint and i can't seem to get it off and don't want to pink everything up. i was spraypainting a frame, nothing overly exciting but it is nice to see my hands in technicoulor once more! well there are a few more hours before i call it a night and surrender to the pillow. much can still happen.