Thursday, December 22, 2011


some days you wake up on your own, at a frighteningly early hour, go about your morning routine, have breakfast, so on and so forth. you then leave your home, venture out, maybe you will get in your car or take public transit to wherever it is you have to be at this Godless time between day and night... and somewhere along the way you realize that a generous amount of minutes have passed since you have rubbed the sleep from your eyes, and in that time you have yet to say a single word. you have yet to form any audible thoughts from your lips, you have not overtly communicated an idea or a thought other than the yawns or groans of morning labour... and in that moment you can't help but fear your voice. you find you are afraid to break the silence, to seek an echo in the seemingly empty world you find yourself in. things had gone alright up to this point, without your voice chiming in... maybe its better this way. but no, its not.

you have a voice. it must be heard.

this is kind of how i feel. i feel as i have been hibernating, as if i am in a tightly wrapped cocoon waiting for the right time to free myself and become one with the sky. but then i cannot help but wonder... do all crawling creatures that surround themselves in darkness while waiting for the arrival of wings survive the journey? surely there are a few that do not. surely there are a few that lay stillborn, enclosed in sheets of their own creation; dreams, goals, and hopes not met.

the year is coming to an end, and i have been silent. there has been so much change, so much to share, so much to shout about and i have remained mute.

i am growing uncomfortable in my stale cave, uneasy in this unwavering stillness. i think its time for something to happen, something to change, something to be said.

i wish you all the best this holiday season, and great things for the new year. i highly doubt 2012 will mark the end of the world. but there is no doubt that it will mark the end of something, and the beginning of something else, because what is time if not change.

see you all on the other side,