Sunday, March 28, 2010

dance-ing for monies


here is some stuff that is up.
i have been crazy busy as of late working on more and more for that gosh-darn solo show (apr22). but as always there is other stuff running around the streets of Toronto.

oddly enough they both have same reception date. what a rip.

first of all there 1000 for $10 at hotshot gallery in Kensington market.
it will feature a bajillion pieces of amazing art for 10 bucks a pop. i found out about this event last year. bought a small drawing by Filip Anton, hes pretty great. i will have 40 small drawings and junk. haha good junk! click here to go to the facebook event page.

another thing i am up to is a show entitled inspired by dance at the Pia Bouman ballet school. don't know anything about the artists involved. my good friend Elia works at the school, i myself have wandered around their studios doing miscellaneous handy work. click here to go to the facebook event for this event.

this is the piece i submitted for the inspired by dance show. my source image was a hip-hop guy doing a slide of sorts. somehow it evolved into this ancient ritual looking thing. i think its pretty awesome. whether its befitting a ballet school... that remains to be seen.
i have many more updates coming soon. still haven't made a nice invite and whatnot for the solo show. also some other shows coming up. busy busy busy. also i am currently watching some awesome amazing animated Spiderman from the 90s. very good times. Spidey is a pain in the ass though. he talks and talks and talks!

which reminds me! remember that you know what love is show i was a part of in February? here are some images. missing one though. blaaaaah i hate misplacing stuff and things!!

i am just realizing that this may be the first time you have seen me do work like this. working like i have with mylar has made me really appreciate the fun of transparencies. this work is almost the exact same save for the lack of ink clouds and colours. same trick. different pony.

Monday, March 15, 2010

poke poke poke

this is me being better with the blogging. though the more i blog means the more i have less interesting things to say. you win some you lose some.

alright... so my kid brother bought the new POKEMON game. remember them? yea well for whatever reason they're still going and keep making money. my first encounter with these things was back in 1996 when i was introduced to the cards. which were cool for some reason. i remember buying them for 50cents and up from a girl in my elementary school... later i found out it was better to buy a pack... haha back in my day 50cents was a lot of money. long story short those lil buggers took many hours of my young life. i have kicked the habit but my brother Chris hasn't.

anyways... the new versions of this game come with a poke-pedometer of sort. which is amazing. basically someone said "these kids are getting wicked fat sitting all day playing video games, how can we get them off their asses and get the parents off ours?...." and lo this idea came up.
the idea is that you shove one of your pokemon into the pedometer which you then carry in your pocket when you walk around and every step you take helps your pokemon gain points and levels and whatever. basically you can take your poket monster out for a stroll. so today when i went out for a walk with the dog i took his little egg monster thing TOGEPI out for a walk as well. amazing.

here is a drawing of pokemens that i used to have. in the game... i vaguely remember what they looked like. if im wrong im sure its for the best. you know whats better than a drawing you spend hours on? a drawing you spend minutes on!

here is what i had for dinner today. needed more hot sauce but overall very good. hence the need to document.

yes this is my blog entry for today. amazing i know.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

march breaking

hey. how's it going?

much has gone on these past weeks. been doing my thing. working hard on the upcoming solo show, while simultaneously tinkering with redoing the website. as such it has not been updated in like... forever.

last week was the Broken Arts Fair in Oshawa. it was good times. the zine came out nice and i made a whole bunch this time. its loaded with a b&w drawings. initially had many poems but i decided to scrap them... overall i am pleased with the outcome. i think vol.2 will be very different though. the more i read the "zines" of others the more i want to add/change about mines. so.... want one? $5. in case you were wondering... the tablecloth under the zines in photo is just some tablecloth i was doodling on during the fair.

i also had over 60 small drawings for sale. here is a large image of the smaller 36. makes a super wallpaper! these were and will continue to go for $10. want one? how small exactly you ask?... approximately 3"x4.25" original good stuff.

i won't bore you with too many personal stories of things going right and things going nuts. haha maybe next time. lately i have spent my art time watching 2 seasons of Gargoyles, one season of The Maxx, MTV's Downtown, and currently on the second season of The Tick. fun all around.