Thursday, September 16, 2010

floating in space and water


i have been away. not literally or physically. but... away nonetheless.
some time has been spent doing nothing of importance, some was spent job-hunting yet again. however, i have also been productive. or semi-productive.

i have been lining away at my crew of unfortunate astronauts and going insane in the membrane trying to figure out exactly what to do with them. as i did not want to simply do drawings. been working on collage-y elements and... yea we'll see.

here is a teaser for what i'm up to:

also i have been reading The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. i love this guy. he is seriously one of my top 5 comic writers of all time. he also writes INVINCIBLE which i also recommend.

so when i'm not thinking about how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse and whatnot i have decided to do some watercolours again. yes itsthat time again. it started with a kid in costume. which then led to odd couples. and then i decided i wanted to maybe try at a story. a children's story but not really. i have no set story or anything of the sort yet. but here is what has been coming out:

this one here scanned with odd colours. but you get the idea. i think i actually like how the next two turned out. will probably do 3 or so more in this direction. i guess the kid is dreaming and shit happens in his dreams. bad things. yea... i have been having odd dreams lately. not that these are based on my dreams at all.
thats it for now folks. i have a bunch more things on the go to blog about. blogging is so exhausting sometimes. by exhausting i mean i want some mini wheats. and i'm off.