Thursday, March 19, 2009

pieces of string

so i have been kind of busy lately. not too busy mind you, but just busy enough to get away with saying that i have been busy without feeling bad for lying. yea i don't like to lie.
i have been busy with art show, art making, drawing, hanging out with amigos, family, and Jessica the girlfriend. im sure at some point i had this blog all played out in my head with amazing deep phrases and metaphors alike.... but i am currently drawing a blank, and will instead post pictures! which is really the main reason i started this blog to begin with.

couple weeks ago i drew this thing. some days after i got around to colouring it. after many variations i went with this one. yep.

couple o' days ago i went to my nephew's 2nd birthday party. i wanted to bring a small sketchbook in case i feel the need to doodle, but couldn't find any. so i made this one out of an old invite i printed way too many of. its fantastic! i need to make more.

i've been sick for like two days now. got to some drawing. this is a drawing that i will eventually colour of me walking my dog Chester.

i drew this right after i drew the one above. it reminds me of the other day that i was at my friend Shivani's place and we got to doing quizes about what kind of animals we would be if we were animals. i think i ended up with horse, porcupine, snake, and mountain goat. crazy.

i have been very lucky to have my girlfriend at my side these past days. shes been doing a lot of running around back and forth with me. she's pretty... okay. i guess. haha. i don't really know whats going on here. the circles on her head are a halo... kinda. i dont know why i drew it in. maybe its because shes an angel!! haha... she will most likely not like the halo bit.
man, i miss having school lectures.
oh the drawings the boredome would inspire!

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