Monday, November 30, 2009



i have nothing to say today either. i want to start posting random photos of things like most "bloggers" seem to do. unfortunately i simply hate lugging my camera around. so... who knows.
here are some random drawings of the week. the last 2 images here are kinda meant to be side by side... the words on the banner things... random nonsense... i have to get working on a small zine as well as an 8x8... but... but i don't wanna... haha not just yet at least.

man... i draw a lot of skulls. when did that happen??


  1. Dude are you putting a Zine together??
    What is the low-down on that, zine of drawings? writting?

    Inquiring minds wish to know.

  2. a little bit of column A a little bit of column B. mostly just a bunch o' my drawings. we'll see how it does... if is good i will make it bigger and better. like a godzilla.