Thursday, August 27, 2009

evil is a 6 letter word

dearest internet,

i have nothing exciting to say. as i always say... i have been busy drawing squids for a client. which is pretty awesome because i like drawing squids. i have been sketching and researching way too many SUPERVILLAINS for the upcoming SUPERVILLAIN show... in october i believe. i had started with a watercolour + pen approach and have decided to scrap that plan and go with simple black and white fancyness with flashes of solid deep red. everything should... hopefully... work out super. if i can come to decide on WHO to draw. i've decided to pull from MARVEL and DC comic characters. what can i say? i love comic books.

here is the VENOM i started with. i like it ok but not enough to continue in this direction. thought i'd share.

here is my dog. Chesterfield. he is the best dog ever. and by best i mean horibly annoying and people-like. and i wouldn't change a thing!.... haha oh i say that now...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

long weekends and long walks

hello again. and again. and again!

long weekend is over, which doesn't mean much when your days are mostly all the same anyways. biggest difference was that i had no time to draw. apparentlty a relaxing long weekend by the lake means just that. sitting with a beer... doing nothing. and then bbq-ing your food, eating, and then back to nothing. this time around i brough the chesterthedog. which was a nice change. aside from the fact that he didn't really seem to enjoy himself. he just seemed paranoid and alert. not used to the different noises and bugs and random ppl walking so close to his "territory". it was pretty ok overall. look i have art to share!! awesome!!

hope that those of you who had a long weekend... had a goood one. seriously.

oh. also i got up on this website here:
is pretty cool.
and of course do not forget the contest!

"lets do lunch" -- i dont know what this one was about. it started with Cap and somehow he became a mermaid and this happened. i dont know...

"goodbye balloon" -- random small drawing. i really like it. hes at some kind of zoo i guess...

"Carl" this is a boston terrier. his name is Carl. he likes coffee.