Thursday, August 27, 2009

evil is a 6 letter word

dearest internet,

i have nothing exciting to say. as i always say... i have been busy drawing squids for a client. which is pretty awesome because i like drawing squids. i have been sketching and researching way too many SUPERVILLAINS for the upcoming SUPERVILLAIN show... in october i believe. i had started with a watercolour + pen approach and have decided to scrap that plan and go with simple black and white fancyness with flashes of solid deep red. everything should... hopefully... work out super. if i can come to decide on WHO to draw. i've decided to pull from MARVEL and DC comic characters. what can i say? i love comic books.

here is the VENOM i started with. i like it ok but not enough to continue in this direction. thought i'd share.

here is my dog. Chesterfield. he is the best dog ever. and by best i mean horibly annoying and people-like. and i wouldn't change a thing!.... haha oh i say that now...

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