Monday, September 14, 2009

black and white and hurting wrists.

i have been drawing. which in my case is another way of saying that i have been thinking.

and oh how the wheels in my head have been turning! ( a dangerous pastime) i know! now i have gone and derailed my train of thoughts... so i will grow a new one.... i have been sleeping on the floor lately as i have turned my bed into another table to allow for producing more and larger work in regards and preparation for the upcoming (eventual) solo show. the solo show which initially was to showcase my series of ink/mylar pieces may become something else now... i have been thinking much about it and about my work in general and have decided that it would be wrong for me to have my other "side" sitting on the bench while the inks score amazing slam dunks for the team. as such the idea of having a..... dual show of sorts springs to mind. a show featuring me and myself. larger inks exploding with colour and abstract elements alongside smaller, tighter pen drawings of skulls with birds and madnesses.... know what i mean guvernah?

solo show aside... i have been reading more, which is another way of saying that i have been absorbing more. which has led to the reigniting of my desire to be publish in every way possible. i have been writing stories... well... novels... well... really they are chapters.. single chapters from books that i will never write. just a random chunk of something more. no ending or end. just a part of a story arch that will never see the light of day. i wish to publish a book of these. but then... why not add art to this book? poetry too! oh man!!!

i have begun a comic... again. the difference is that this one isn't being overthought. it doesn't have to be because it will be including much of other comic ideas that never left the foodcourt. it will be funny, random, superhero action, ironic, silly, amazing... really everything i want to do just mushed into one long story that currently has no real ending. it should be good. really.

i am losing focus as i type as i am unravelling everything i am mentioning in my thin-skulled head. i will leave you with some drawings. such are the drawings i wish to include in solo show. such is the style of art the amazing fantastic mystical comic will be in... because this is how i draw now. and it makes me happy.

on another note... my lil brother's birthday is coming up. no clue what to get him! what do you get someone that has money you dont... who is terribly impulsive and unpredictable at times... what do you get someone who in your mind deserves the best of everything this world has to offer?.... stupid kid.... i'll just get him a gift certificate haha... or something.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lethargic and nostalgic

hey peeps,

once more i find myself at a cyber cafe. this sucks. but anyways....

after a massive sale at the local comicbook store my brother finds himself drawn to the old days when we would run into Toys'R'Us and find the action figure section to always be the most amazingest thing ever. lately's just depressing. ah the old days of simple yet awesome 5inch fictional comicbook figures... i miss it too... not that i have money or space anyways... somehow this all ties into a purchase i recently made at a yardsale (oh the treasures)

what did i buy you wonder... well i bought a vending machine!! the kind that spit out trading cards and stickers and tattoos and the sort!! which i think is fanstastic and loaded with possibilities! i mean come on!! tiny art prints! "art cards"! stickers with mine drawings and such! oh man!!!!! so yea. thats what i'm mulling around in my mind these days. look out world!!

i have no fun pictures for you. have none on me.... bah!