Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lethargic and nostalgic

hey peeps,

once more i find myself at a cyber cafe. this sucks. but anyways....

after a massive sale at the local comicbook store my brother finds himself drawn to the old days when we would run into Toys'R'Us and find the action figure section to always be the most amazingest thing ever. lately it....it's just depressing. ah the old days of simple yet awesome 5inch fictional comicbook figures... i miss it too... not that i have money or space anyways... somehow this all ties into a purchase i recently made at a yardsale (oh the treasures)

what did i buy you wonder... well i bought a vending machine!! the kind that spit out trading cards and stickers and tattoos and the sort!! which i think is fanstastic and loaded with possibilities! i mean come on!! tiny art prints! "art cards"! stickers with mine drawings and such! oh man!!!!! so yea. thats what i'm mulling around in my mind these days. look out world!!

i have no fun pictures for you. have none on me.... bah!

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