Monday, November 30, 2009



i have nothing to say today either. i want to start posting random photos of things like most "bloggers" seem to do. unfortunately i simply hate lugging my camera around. so... who knows.
here are some random drawings of the week. the last 2 images here are kinda meant to be side by side... the words on the banner things... random nonsense... i have to get working on a small zine as well as an 8x8... but... but i don't wanna... haha not just yet at least.

man... i draw a lot of skulls. when did that happen??

Sunday, November 29, 2009

between today and then some...


i keep running hundreds of different relatively relevant conversations and thoughts that i think would make for relatively interesting blog entries... but right now none of them seem at all relevant. also i am sleepy. but for whatever reason i have this terrible desire to put SOMETHING up today. and so here are 4 little drawings i did. amazing.

oh and then theres this thing. the image is of one of four drawings i did for a $20/piece gallery thing at a gallery which i believe is currently just called 52. anyways.... i made this little logo kinda thing to use as an avatar for this site i was invited to some months ago:
you should check it out.

its amazing how many coffees i can drink and still fall asleep no problem. delicious coffee...
expect relevant and exciting posts sometime this week... or something.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

aftrermaths +

afternoon all,

today i woke up later than usual, which is nice as i feel like i have been tired everyday for the past week. not an unhealthy tired, just an "i really need some coffee" tired. yes there is a difference. the Villain show reception came and went, it was a full house of happy smiling faces and that is always awesome. sadly i left early... what with being tired and all.

the Whodunit gala, and the public sale day came and went, also good times. you can always trust that if i get tickets to any kind of fancy swanky event i will eat and drink as much as i can... isn't that what being an artist is really all about?... the answer is yes.

much thanks and appreciation to all who came out to either event. as much as i hate to say it... christmas is coming up... time to start that shopping!! psst art is makes excellent gifts. books on proper grammar is also very good and more better haha.

here are 2 images summing up my contribution to both shows i have just mentioned. i believe all my whodunit pieces are gone, the villain ones may still remain if anyone is interested ;)

i saw that Inglorious Basterds movie last night. i enjoyed it. thats really all i have for today. peace out!

... man i love how my work looks so... bipolar!

Monday, November 16, 2009

quick and clean

hey folks,

it has been much too long. i am back online and have been terribly busy... which means, or at least suggests that i will be updating the site and blogging this blog much more frequently.

its too early for me right now, also its very cold and i have no heat. long story short; old boiler=carbon monoxide=bad headaches=no heat for a bit. fun times i know. there is much to show and much to tell but for now i will stick to business. here it is. upcoming shows!!

online: nov18-21
onsite: nov18 &19 noon-8
public sale: nov21 10am-4pm
gala preview: nov18 6:30. tickets:150

this annual event features around 1400 5 1/2X7 1/2 pieces by emerging and established artists alike! all work sells for $75 and its all very amazing. this year all my good karma paid off and i was selected to take part in the silent auction. which is very fantastic. check it out: silent auction preview. i submitted a total of 4 pieces, meaning there are 3 pieces floating around, hidden among many others for a mere $75! get up early though, the line ups are insane!


amazing show paying homage and tribute to vile evil-doers of todays and yesterdays. featuring works by: Laura Harte. Hugo Arias. Andrew McNeil. Abraham Nelson. Gillian Blekkenhorst. Simen Leung. Mikellis .Trevor Henderson. Jeremy Kai. Jennifer Ilett. Vivian Rosas. Jamie Johnson. Micheal Fan. And possibly ... Afo G.

this will be a very solid show of amazing illustrative powers!
check out the facebook event page.

nov27-not sure...


a mixed media show featuring some of SG's sweet artists and a few other delicious minds!


that is it for shows this month.... i think i am taking part in 2 more events in december.. i will get back to you on that haha.. also i have some images to post (not many as i am keeping mucho secret).
i have been busy working on this and that and work for the upcoming solo show, i am working on a zine of sorts because zines simply rock and even roll... aaaaaaannnddd yea. more soon. hope everyone is doing good.

peace out.