Saturday, July 24, 2010

quarter century and counting


so, my birthday past a few days ago. the birthday celebrations were pretty alright. good times were had. whenever my birthday rolls around i can't help but be in a bad mood. not because i am getting older, but because i always try to set some sort of plans/events in motion and they always fall short. 'round my birthday "week" i'm usually quite the diva, i don't mean to be but it just happens... and then i can't shake it off. but whatever. thats over and done with. had fun with friends at Centreville, followed by an unexpected get-together at the gallery, dinner with the family, good times.
unfortunately looking back at what i have accomplished thus far at 25 i can't help but noticed its been mostly eating/spilling on myself, video games, sleeping, and really doing nothing of merit. all in all i have been a slug of a man and need to snap out of it. between this post and the last there are many things i have wanted to say/share but for whatever reason didn't get around to it... so whatever they were, they are now in the yesterdays.

enough of that. here are some drawings i recently coloured. :D

here is the office-y tree character and skull guy again. in this case i decided that i'm the skull headed guy, the girl is my girlfriend. awww... i don't know who that makes the other characters.

not sure where i am going with this one... colour-wise. may just scrap it as colour altogether.

i like how this one turned out. i've never stuck to such a limited palette before. i think its good. like my phony Japanese writing? its just numbers mashed together. haha maybe i should have just researched some kanji. like "strength" or something.

also here is music video for a song i'm looping lately.

more blogging to come. random stuff.

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