Wednesday, February 16, 2011

heart-shaped boxes and phonecalls


here we are mid-February... or just after. i hope your Valentine's day was good. if you love, keep loving. if you're waiting for love... be patient. i for one spent the day with my dear Jessica. nothing too extraordinary. food and drinks. flowers and chocolates. in the end its never about the money spent but about the effort and time that went into every detail. it would appear that my beloved has Celiac Disease... which is sucks. but at the sa
me time gave me an opportunity to shine by making sure everything was awesome yet glutten-free. anyways... good times.

i have been bad at updating this thing. been busy. i'm working part-time now. doing customer service for a Long Distance company. its ok. being bilingual comes in handy. and when its slow i have time to draw.which is gooood.
been working on some new stuff. some big some small. busy bu
sy. dont want to gather TOO much moss.

here are two doodles that came from slow work days. the second one is not finished. not that i know where its even going. just dropping lines til i get bored of it...

here is a mash-up of 4 new pieces i have! don't want to give it all away at once!

these 2 images are images you will never see again.. they are t
he back layers of 2 of the images i posted up there ^^
just thought i would share what goes on behind the scenes... only so much of it shows through once its all put together. which is lame because much time does go into it but... its part of the fun i think. a secret sacrifice i make that no one can truly appreciate. its like the inner workings of the piece. think you can tell which is behind which??

i will totally post more soon. i've been having some crazy dreams. seriously.
peace out.

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