Saturday, March 26, 2011

vitamin water


i been pretty busy, but this entry is important and so here we go.
ok maybe not important important...

alright so tomorrow my beloved and i are venturing off to Montreal to Galerie D'este to drop off a huge (by my standards) piece! this is pretty exciting as i have never taken such a long trip, especially as driver. this is very cool because i will get to visit the gallery that has been carrying and selling some of my works for about a year now... and of course i get to quickly take in the sights of Montreal.
who knows how this trip will play out. i mean, awesome of course but a new experience.
finally a mini-roadtrip after all my let down roadtrip plans. so yea, i'm psyched.

work has been ok. but i have been siiiick. sick like most people i know. its just going around here. weather was getting nice, spring was looking good and then it went to shit and its cold again.
i am now getting over all the sniffles and sneezing, the coughing and croaking, the shivers and shakes... ready to do stuff and not stop to blow my nose.

good good.

alright so here are a few teaser shots of the larger piece. 3 x 4 feet to be exact.
i will post the image in its entirety when i can, as well as the smaller ones i have thrown clips of on last posts.

also here is a mash of some scribbles from work. not very exciting mashup as the grid paper makes it a bit more difficult.

well i suppose i go off to bed now. well... off to organize whatever junk i need to take with me. maybe i will take the ol' video cam and make a little video blog of our 6hr drive. or not... as its really not that much of a trip. but with the right gangster-rap on the playlist.. who knows.

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