Friday, June 3, 2011

thinking spandex


so apparently its June now. thats some pretty crazy news.
i mean sure we all saw it coming, but so soon? madness i tell you! i have a theory that seconds are getting shorter - and as such minutes - hours - days and yea you get the idea. at this rate it will be 2012 in a blink and a half and then the world will end... or Cthulhu comes down and eats us or... something.

but until then, i have a new show on the way!!

Beyond Our Roots
June 23 - July 3
Reception: June 23, 6-9pm
Gallery 1313 - 1313 Queen St. West
Brought to you by the Latin Canadian Culture Association

it will feature a bunch of great LatinAmerican artists and myself... exploring our hybridization of our native Latin American cultures with the Canadian. some pretty heavy stuff.
personally i am pretty excited about this exhibit as it is very different from the other shows i have taken part in. a whole new world so to speak.
if you are in the city i really hope you can make it. it should be a goooood one. :D

alright. serious business aside here is some random stuff i have been up to for kicks. which in my case usually means super-hero based scribbles. also lots of teeth. gotta love them teeth!

i keep drawing these characters in this way but haven't really DONE anything with them.. i am thinking maybe i should. short comic? short story? huge drawing what with colour and all? hrmmm something. need more productive outlets for my obsession with capes and spandex'd heroes. somethings gotta give!

been watching much Avengers EMH. pretty great. check
it out yo.

hope everyone is doing good. hugs and happy birthdays wherever they apply!