Thursday, January 5, 2012

mild nights

well so far things are not necessarily going in the direction i want. i am constantly think and rethinking what to do with myself but have yet to take any serious action. felling very stuck. feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, as the expression goes. though really it makes little sense, unless we live in a 2-dimensional world.... otherwise one would have to assume that somehow rock + hard place = complete 360 degrees of enclosure, which is probably not the case; in conclusion i am over thinking things.

is this kind of transparent ranting about my inner workings a bad thing to type up in my blog? does a writer at all benefit from admitting to the public that a serious case of writer's block has set in? maybe it is best for me to illustrate an illusion wherein all is peachy keen and i am artist of the year, proficient as the proverbial ant stocking up for the winter! instead of the shitty reality of saying "hey guys, yea i haven't been very productive.. i dunno why... work and shit i guess"?

tonight was incredibly mild for early January. took the dog on a nice walk sans phone or ipod. alone with the dog and my thoughts... and poop bags. i think this is good. thoughts are good. i then came home and worked out. also good. body and mind are kind of a 2-for-1 deal in my books.

currently i am wearing a latex glove on my right hand because its covered in pink spray paint and i can't seem to get it off and don't want to pink everything up. i was spraypainting a frame, nothing overly exciting but it is nice to see my hands in technicoulor once more! well there are a few more hours before i call it a night and surrender to the pillow. much can still happen.

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