Sunday, May 6, 2012

cracked feet

so there is what i can only describe as a crack down the bottom of my foot, the sole of my foot if you will. although it probably shouldn't be, i cant help but find it entertaining... the very odd part of me is thinking how neat it would be if my foot split open and a new foot was revealed. a secret foot of sorts. yup.

ok this entry may have gotten off on... the wrong foot here. HAW HAW! so good.

but seriously folks. all is well, been drawing random things here and there, this is good. need to work bigger! unfortunately i am currently lacking the midnight hours and space to accomplish this. on the plus side i will be moving wicked soon and THEN i will have this which i currently lack and will have officially run out of excuses.

so i set up that ETSY page i was talking about some time ago. currently has 20 things. please check it out! if you have money and the desire you should buy stuff, if not you should spread the word. if you do not wish to do either... you should go draw something. just cuz.

here are 2 random drawings i did at work. the first came from the word HEIGHT from Illustration Friday. though i have never actually submitted anything its always nice to get an email every week with a random word. the second came from a conversation at work where i said "hey i drew a Princess.. what should she be doing?" and the reply was "i dont know... eating a sandwich?" so then yea. this happened. cool? cool.

i would have more pretty, and complete drawings i did at work to show you if it wasn't for the girlfriend lending me Tina Fey's book. its too hilariously distracting! also i actually gotta work...

i am off to sleep now. until i can find a way to give up sleep for permanent i will forever be dragged down by needing to lay to rest every few hours and dream crazy crazy dreams. nighty nights all!

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