Thursday, January 26, 2012

back in the day

i remember the days when i was a young kid growing up, looking in the mirror, dreaming about blowin' up.... but seriously folks...

like any problem one should start at the beginning. the whys of the world. why does hugo draw? well.. because it just makes sense to. its just the way its always

been. until recently its always been my source of peace and sense of fulfillment. need to recapture the magic.

was going through some Juxtapoz books i have. good times. always cool to
read how others got started, how they fell into their craft, how they caught their big break.

oh but how frustrating it is! trying to find the love again... talking about this... heh performance issue with a friend the other day she came to the conclusion that i have changed as a person, and as such it does not make sense for me to continue to make the same work and expect the same satisfaction when i myself am different. this makes sense.

here is a shot of a much larger piece i have been throwing lines at for the past couple of days. its ok i guess, thinking of moving away from so much black, moving towards more and more lines and details and less abstract mess. dont know how i feel about this one. boo-urns.

brought some watercolour paper to work... dont have a desk to actually paint or anything but coffee is always on hand. so then these came out. fun enough.

in the process of packing still. a bit on the early side but its fun for some reason... packed away some of my smaller sketchbooks. so crazy looking through them. these go back as far as 04! with all the crap i have these are the books that matter the most. comics, artbooks, action figures, DVDs, junk and junk... it can all be replaced. THESE books a
re one of a kind. part journal, part image development, so many stories are told.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ctrl + A + delete

if all goes well i will be elsewhere in 4 months. a different view from my window, a different route from here to there. though i mean this in the literal sense that involves picking up address change forms at the PostOffice i also mean this in the metaphorical sense in regard to my brains.

for some time now i have had this urge to put everything away. out of sight, out of mind. neatly sorted in cardboard boxes in the recesses of my mind. is that the easy way out? to force things out of sight in order to better focus on what matters? to wear blinders instead of just willing my eyes to look forward....

i have been trying to keep busy. just going at it, whether the results are to my liking or not its good to just get moving in the right direction. forwards, upwards, just keep swimming. anyways heres what came out since last posting in the few minutes i find time to just ink away.

its difficult to get into the draw draw drawing rhythm again. also i am trying to stop falling back to the same routine of things. i'm not trying to be someone completely different but want to change up some. know what i am meaning? am also working on a larger piece, these little doodles may have warmed me up a tad, hopefully something good will come out of this.

i hope that like Stella i can, in time, get my GROOVE back. how are you people of the internet feeling these posts? watching me pick myself up off the floor and prop myself back at the drawing board... only time will tell.

"And why do we fall Bruce?"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

mild nights

well so far things are not necessarily going in the direction i want. i am constantly think and rethinking what to do with myself but have yet to take any serious action. felling very stuck. feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, as the expression goes. though really it makes little sense, unless we live in a 2-dimensional world.... otherwise one would have to assume that somehow rock + hard place = complete 360 degrees of enclosure, which is probably not the case; in conclusion i am over thinking things.

is this kind of transparent ranting about my inner workings a bad thing to type up in my blog? does a writer at all benefit from admitting to the public that a serious case of writer's block has set in? maybe it is best for me to illustrate an illusion wherein all is peachy keen and i am artist of the year, proficient as the proverbial ant stocking up for the winter! instead of the shitty reality of saying "hey guys, yea i haven't been very productive.. i dunno why... work and shit i guess"?

tonight was incredibly mild for early January. took the dog on a nice walk sans phone or ipod. alone with the dog and my thoughts... and poop bags. i think this is good. thoughts are good. i then came home and worked out. also good. body and mind are kind of a 2-for-1 deal in my books.

currently i am wearing a latex glove on my right hand because its covered in pink spray paint and i can't seem to get it off and don't want to pink everything up. i was spraypainting a frame, nothing overly exciting but it is nice to see my hands in technicoulor once more! well there are a few more hours before i call it a night and surrender to the pillow. much can still happen.