Saturday, January 18, 2014


Things are different. Without being aware of the changing things have changed. I think I know who I want to be, or better said, I know who I have to be. I need an end game, an actual plan, because things are different. If I fail and fall I wont be the only one with bruises, maybe I can convince myself that mediocrity isn't too bad, but it's not just about me anymore. It really shouldn't come as a surprise, knew it would happen... but then why am I still trying to figure this out? I'll figure it out. Eventually. Been focusing more on drawing. The illustrator game, I don't really think it's the ticket out of the hole I've dug myself but its probably the only ticket I have. Unless the lotto ticket in my pocket is worth anything ;)

I drew the first guy on the left for an idea I have for what the new website will look like...wasn't entirely convinced so I kept making more. Stopped at 4, posted them up on my Facebook page to be voted on. Number 3 won! ...which is great...but I'm still not 100% sure haha. Here are some sketches and such I've done, I apologize for the instagram filters haha, seems to be the only way/reason I document things lately.. that needs to change.

Doing this through a phone app, don't know how it'll actually look like in the end. Trying to limit how much time I waste being a zombie in front of laptop and actually get work done!! @#&##%&!! And on that note... gotta get making some lines. Rebuild one line at a time. Hrmmm kinda makes me sound like a coke fiend.

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