Thursday, February 12, 2009

rewinding lines

how does one begin a blog post without anything of consequence to report?
i am still sick. it sucks. though i am still able to hover over a desk and spill lines, so really it could be much worse. a day under a week ago i had some work on display at Mitzi's sister, a bar of sorts. although fun was had by all the event didn't quite turn out as planned... but that is not important. what is important is that it was the driving force behind 15 small drawings, some on mylar some on paper.
its funny, when i was much younger, in elementary school... i was so sure i was going to grow up to be a comic book artist. i wasn't much of a comic book buyer at the time, but as everyone knows its not about the material things. i had a handful of comics and cards that i would read over countless times. my dad had many years of education regarding medicine and human anatomy, as such he was my teacher when i was having a hard time drawing from books and action figures alone. he would start rambling off the proper terminology and names for the different muscles, when all i really wanted to know was how to draw a really powerful Hulk without making him look like he had just been stung by a swarm of bees.
i remember in grade6 i had a large sheet of paper where i had drawn over 20 characters of varying size and "powers"... they were all bug-people of some kind aka muscle-bound humans with bug heads and buggy feet. i had such ambition then. spending hours mapping out the panels for a page before i had any concrete idea of what the story was about.

somewhere along the way i became more of an observer than a player. books piling up on my bookshelf, but hardly any drawings to go alongside them. somewhere along the line a line was drawn between "real" art and comicbook art. i guess i convinced myself that i would never be as good as the pro guys and decided to do my own thing. my "own" thing is going pretty good, i can still draw a half-decent spiderman... but the energy is gone... or misplaced.
although the small stack of capes are very cartoony and playful, not at all what i had sought out to do many years pass... maybe i can still get back in the game. draw a few bug heroes or something.

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