Friday, February 27, 2009

spare change

by no stretch of the imagination am i an individual that understands the state of the economy. i've heard many words slung around, words that years of books and movies have taught me to understand as bad things. it would appear that the world... or at least the parts of it that seem to affect me.. is fast approaching a recession... thats if we are not already "there".
jobs are being lost left and right, thankfully it has yet to hit home. parents aren't feeling any backlash at work, and my brother has actually started working again. all is fine for them, and for my close friends etc... well, im not doing too hot.

economy aside i am horrible at the job of job-hunting. i seem to be qualified for nothing. that is unless "excessive imagination and short attention span" are sought after resume traits, oh and lets not forget my terrible sleeping pattern.

all in all i am fated the life of an artist, which is great... until i came to the conclusion that people probably don't want to buy art when they may lose their job in the days to come.
i did some googling to see if my "conclusion" was valid... and the results were surprising.

from the few sites i visited i learned that this recession is a good thing for art... sorta.
art, good art, is a good investment. simple. people realize this and are expected to act on it. the art that isn't so good on the other hand... will crumble away. so from what i have pieced together... the recession will strengthen the art world, cut away at the useless and help restore ART as something to be applauded, opposed to a saturday night hobby.

with 2 shows in March fast approaching and with bills piling up... i can't help but worry. will i survive this... cleansing? if all goes well i will sell fair amounts of work and still be able to order a few things off amazon. if things don't go so well... if the see-saw that is my wallet brings me nothing but frustration... well... mcdonalds is always hiring right?

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