Wednesday, July 29, 2009

treasures of time

today i sit typing on one of the computers at my "alma mater"... as i continue to count my internet-less days. today, however, i am armed with a USB stick! meaning i am not completely naked in the web that is the internet.

i have no relevant information to share but i do have pictures...well... just 3 but still... i want to share.---

ok so this is an amazing little clay sculpture i found at a second hand store the other day. it has this weird little demon guy sitting on a horse or something. there was a second one with a purple similar demon eating icecream... but i decided to only buy one. didn't want to be greedy. anyways, i think it is most amazing. there is no writing or anything on the sculpture so i don't know where its from... if any of you out there know. please let me know.--

next we have these two super awesome autographed photos of AdamWest (Batman, duh) and Julie Newar (Catwoman) that my girlfriend's lovely parents got me for my birthday.
of course they went up on my wall pretty fast. which really just made me think how much better they would look had i a sweet loft with exposed brick walls and such to hang them on. really the only photos that would top these would be an autogrpahed (to me) photo of the late, great Christopher Reeve. but alas he was needed elsewhere. life is funny like that... or something.--
speaking of life and death and enjoying it while you can... in case you did not know... contest is happening. do it up.

this is all i have to say for now.i have an insane amount of work to upload to ye olde website once i get the chance. keep checking back. much love.

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