Thursday, July 23, 2009


oh it feels like i have been gone for a very long time. mostly because i have. it's not all bad... sure i feel like i am living under a rock, and i am now the last one to find out about any and all exciting things regarding friends, family, and fancy art things happening around the city. on the bright side i am being very productive. meaning that once i get some good online time and have my usb stick with me there will be many many updates in all my art stuffs.

a few days ago i turned 24. almost quarter century. this is kind of a big deal. i feel terribly old. but it's not all bad... i have done much in my few years, and the future looks very bright. bright and awesome.

so due to a combination of things i am launching a contest for my beloved friends, fans, and fawns. you should probably check it out. you can win free art!!!

i am working a "security" position with my friend Elia, waiting for our XL pizza to arrive. things are good. sadly i don't have any files on me or accessible to me etc etc. meaning i won't be able to show you what i have been up to. next time.

so yea.... contest!!

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