Tuesday, March 24, 2009

part of a complete breakfast

lately i have been drawing, photoshop-ing and painting almost daily. my breakfast meals (my food when i get up, regardless of actual time) has been composed of honeynut cheerios with strawberries and blackberries, followed by a healthy dose of sketchbook and coffee.

which is awesome. but it also means i have to get out more. which i have been doing! to walk the dog... which means cold, freezing, leash holding hands of death. damn unexpected ice wind!!

anywho... i have nothing exciting to say. have an art show starting... in a few hours i suppose. that is good.... hopefully that goes super-fantastic. we are getting it catered! which apparently means springrolls! oh delish. who needs wine and cheese when you have greasy stuffs!!?
now if only i had words of wisdom to impart on you dear readers... but i dont.
this is what i have been up to:

drew this some time ago. got to colouring it. not sure about the purple.

this thing was drawn same day as one above. coloured it the other day... tried some collage aspects. some elements work. enough of them to leave it be.

the birds with belly teeth are relatively new. somewhat the same design of a penguin i drew maybe 4yrs ago now... wow so long... and i still love shoving mouths into belly regions! mostly on birds... i make myself wonder sometimes... other times not so much. i'm not sure what is going on in this picture. it will probably be a long night for the penguin looking guy.
the tree/bird/henchman character is new. i love him. so much i will paint him!!

i did say i wanted to paint him. no clue how this will turn out. this is how it goes. this thing is pretty big... well for me anyways. 3x4 feet.

this came out this "morning" and was coloured shortly after. fresh!!
does anybody want to make this a tshirt for me?
ps. don't steal images!! -- bad karma!

i will close with this. drawn seconds before the hydra monster. debating whether to colour at all. debating whether to make it a series... a bible study of sorts.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

pieces of string

so i have been kind of busy lately. not too busy mind you, but just busy enough to get away with saying that i have been busy without feeling bad for lying. yea i don't like to lie.
i have been busy with art show, art making, drawing, hanging out with amigos, family, and Jessica the girlfriend. im sure at some point i had this blog all played out in my head with amazing deep phrases and metaphors alike.... but i am currently drawing a blank, and will instead post pictures! which is really the main reason i started this blog to begin with.

couple weeks ago i drew this thing. some days after i got around to colouring it. after many variations i went with this one. yep.

couple o' days ago i went to my nephew's 2nd birthday party. i wanted to bring a small sketchbook in case i feel the need to doodle, but couldn't find any. so i made this one out of an old invite i printed way too many of. its fantastic! i need to make more.

i've been sick for like two days now. got to some drawing. this is a drawing that i will eventually colour of me walking my dog Chester.

i drew this right after i drew the one above. it reminds me of the other day that i was at my friend Shivani's place and we got to doing quizes about what kind of animals we would be if we were animals. i think i ended up with horse, porcupine, snake, and mountain goat. crazy.

i have been very lucky to have my girlfriend at my side these past days. shes been doing a lot of running around back and forth with me. she's pretty... okay. i guess. haha. i don't really know whats going on here. the circles on her head are a halo... kinda. i dont know why i drew it in. maybe its because shes an angel!! haha... she will most likely not like the halo bit.
man, i miss having school lectures.
oh the drawings the boredome would inspire!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

smiles and snares

its amazing how i have gone from fighting the urge to blog blog blog to worrying that my blogger account thing will be shutdown due to inactivity. i suppose i have been busy. as of late much of my time has been taken up by art-making, art-showing, and being a full-time boyfriend. which has lead me to discover that without my art and without my loved ones.... i am nothing.

good or bad? only time will tell.

anywho. i was participating in a big art festival shindig. gaggles of art lovers and peeps alike. monies aside, its the reactions that i will always hold dear.
i was treated to people that would stop and take in the work, taking the time to come as close to the work as i would hope, smiling at me and walking away. some would stop to chat, ask questions, deliver kudos and words of approval. then there were the individuals that would glance over as one would their side mirror while driving. some would walk up to my wall and walk out without pausing. and of course, there were the ones that would make faces that i could only read as disapproval, often accompanied by words out of my reach amongst themselves. fortunately i have evolved to the point of being able to find satisfaction in such dissatisfying moments. more importantly there was a small blonde child that exclaimed to his mother "these are amazing!" after that, i was untouchable.

i have given much thought lately as to what kind of artist i am. who do i cater to? who's approval do i seek? who's opinion really matters? though i don't actually have answers to those questions i have come to realize that i can't be an artist who demands a particular environment for their work. i understand that serious work requires serious presentation... but after thinking about it i have concluded that in my heart art is for everyone. although not everyone can afford to own a piece (i do need to eat) the pictures need be accessible to everyone. and lets face it, not everyone is going to stroll into a pristine white-walled gallery.

art is for the people. i should do murals or something. yes that would be awesome.

here is a random drawing i coloured today. i am not much for backgrounds.