Monday, March 15, 2010

poke poke poke

this is me being better with the blogging. though the more i blog means the more i have less interesting things to say. you win some you lose some.

alright... so my kid brother bought the new POKEMON game. remember them? yea well for whatever reason they're still going and keep making money. my first encounter with these things was back in 1996 when i was introduced to the cards. which were cool for some reason. i remember buying them for 50cents and up from a girl in my elementary school... later i found out it was better to buy a pack... haha back in my day 50cents was a lot of money. long story short those lil buggers took many hours of my young life. i have kicked the habit but my brother Chris hasn't.

anyways... the new versions of this game come with a poke-pedometer of sort. which is amazing. basically someone said "these kids are getting wicked fat sitting all day playing video games, how can we get them off their asses and get the parents off ours?...." and lo this idea came up.
the idea is that you shove one of your pokemon into the pedometer which you then carry in your pocket when you walk around and every step you take helps your pokemon gain points and levels and whatever. basically you can take your poket monster out for a stroll. so today when i went out for a walk with the dog i took his little egg monster thing TOGEPI out for a walk as well. amazing.

here is a drawing of pokemens that i used to have. in the game... i vaguely remember what they looked like. if im wrong im sure its for the best. you know whats better than a drawing you spend hours on? a drawing you spend minutes on!

here is what i had for dinner today. needed more hot sauce but overall very good. hence the need to document.

yes this is my blog entry for today. amazing i know.

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