Sunday, March 14, 2010

march breaking

hey. how's it going?

much has gone on these past weeks. been doing my thing. working hard on the upcoming solo show, while simultaneously tinkering with redoing the website. as such it has not been updated in like... forever.

last week was the Broken Arts Fair in Oshawa. it was good times. the zine came out nice and i made a whole bunch this time. its loaded with a b&w drawings. initially had many poems but i decided to scrap them... overall i am pleased with the outcome. i think vol.2 will be very different though. the more i read the "zines" of others the more i want to add/change about mines. so.... want one? $5. in case you were wondering... the tablecloth under the zines in photo is just some tablecloth i was doodling on during the fair.

i also had over 60 small drawings for sale. here is a large image of the smaller 36. makes a super wallpaper! these were and will continue to go for $10. want one? how small exactly you ask?... approximately 3"x4.25" original good stuff.

i won't bore you with too many personal stories of things going right and things going nuts. haha maybe next time. lately i have spent my art time watching 2 seasons of Gargoyles, one season of The Maxx, MTV's Downtown, and currently on the second season of The Tick. fun all around.

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