Friday, May 7, 2010


i have been thinking more and more about making some t-shirts.... well... printing some. i have been told by many people that i am foolish for not having done so thus far as it will be awesome and there will be money and hey... t-shirts are just cool.

i am still in the process of thinking. as i want to approach this from a very serious clothing line perspective and design a name and logo and what-have-you.

i did however upload a drawing onto a shirt on
apparently i need ppls to vote on it. good votes. and then it can be a for real shirt and the world can be a slightly better place.

this is an older drawing. i think i posted it on here when i did it. either way. vote!
i will hopefully see some of you at the skateboard thing tommorow...err.. later today.
i need to sleep.

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