Tuesday, May 18, 2010


here is whats going on.

i am leaving to California. mostly to chill in San Francisco, with a sprinkle of LA. should be good times. if not for the terrible missing of my beloved girlfriend. she means everything to me (mush mush) and i will be away for a month! holy potato chips this will be sucks!!

the challenge will be to enjoy myself... at least a little bit.

also here is the skateboard i did for the FREEDOMFIGHTERS board auction.

also i am making/getting new buttons! this will be pretty swell if i say so myself.

also. have any of you been watching Smallville still? season finale eh... whats up with that? if you're reading this Rob.... we'll have to do some Superman chatting over a cold one when i get back. na mean?

this is all for now. expect fun and exciting news from... wherever i is.
Californiaaaaaaaaaa here i cooommeeeeeeeee!

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