Saturday, August 14, 2010

space cadet


i am currently sniffling and sneezing like only i can. i am drinking lots of liquids... mostly juice. which is making my teeth hurt. i just can't win. but enough pity partying for today!

not sure if i have already mentioned this... but the space themed show entitled "Get Your Ass to Mars" will soon be upon us. which is pretty great. when people say space i usually don't think of planets and aliens... but astronauts, cosmonauts if you will. maybe its because it was my child-hood dream to fly off into the blackness of space and eat weird paste food. nonetheless thats what came to mind and thats the route i'm-a-gonna take.

trying something different this time.

not to give too much away but this piece here was kind of the jumping point.
so yea... something kinda like this will be what i will bring to the party. except no digital-ness.

good? maybe.

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