Saturday, February 18, 2012

neither here nor there

i have a Transformers calendar hanging by my bed. i try to write in every relevant event that comes to pass. it helps me keep track of what i did and when, but also seeing something scribbled on almost every page makes me feel pretty good about being a do-er. opposed to just a guy that thinks he does but doesn't.

Valentine's day passed, thats pretty exciting right? spent it with my lady, this year she was in charge of EVERYTHING, which is kind of a jerk move but it was fun in the end. we went out for dinner followed by amateur night at Yuk Yuk's. also she got me this great, uber cute, pop-up V-day card! which just happens to be in scale with some action figures... which i'm pretty sure was her plan all along. or not.

my lovely lass also got me some chocolates and the February issue of Juxtapoz that i really wanted but couldn't seem to find. it featured awesome artist Jeremy Geddes. just amazing, solid work. comes to no surprise that he paints 12hrs/day 7 days/week, the hours of work really show through. oh if i could only be so dedicated, who knows what i could accomplish.

got home at midnight from work 2 days ago and decided to bust out the ol' watercolours. threw down some ink and water. followed through with some pen afterwards. pretty happy with the results. they seem to me to be dream or nightmare giants of some kind. maybe they walk through sleeping cities unleashing all kinds of madness. i think this is something i can build on. magazine reading and recent conversations really have me thinking that i should be doing more studies and preliminary work before taking on a "real" piece.

the scans of the pictures came out weird, maybe i need a better scanner, or maybe i just need to make more work to scan and learn how to scan more accurately as i go.

so thats what i have been up to this week. how are things with you? think i am going to stick to smaller works/studies for a bit longer until i feel they are getting nice and meaty enough to make a meal out of. thinking of throwing the smaller works on etsy or something. make a few quick bucks.

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