Monday, February 27, 2012

on to something....

this February has 29 days. its a leap year. i suppose this means we have an extra day to leap forward, leap into something. change. also woman can propose to men on the 29th. in Denmark the tradition applies to the 24th of Feb, if a man rejects her he owes her 12 pairs of gloves.

life is not one-directional, we have to learn to switch paths and make quick decisions, roll with the punches, keep on moving towards what matters. i don't have a 5-year plan, never had... maybe i could use one, who knows.

i have been working towards change, taking from the past what works and letting go of what has lost its appeal. so my initial idea was to venture back into the world of comics and tights to draw inspiration from. started this one some days ago, before the images in my previous post... have decided to let it go. not quite feeling it.

i have decided to focus more on being an "illustrator" than a "fine artist" it feels better. the former title fits more comfortably, more space to move and p-p-party! would rather not stress myself worrying about the fancy galleries and wine parties that alienate me, rather go back to focusing on kickstarting some tshirts and stickers. maybe a vinyl figure! thats what i want. and that is what i will do.

the watercolours i had posted previously really got me thinking of these "dream giants" i have come up with. have decided to pursue this idea further. i don't know what will come of it, but something will happen. feeling pretty good about this... who knows what dreams will come, heh.

these are 8x10, much more work needs to go into them. whether i will consider them finished pieces or "studies" only time will tell. stay tuned in! catch you next time... same sky time? hugo time? hugo channel? OK lets drop that.

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