Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the wee hours

its 1:51am, i have not been awake at this hour for some time, or rather, i have not been awake at this time with a paintbrush in my hand for a long time. i don't know if i like what i am working on or if it will actually amount to anything but i am doing it, and this pleases me.
almost 2months ago i turned 27, which is the oldest i have ever turned, though today i am older than that, and once i click the button to publish this ranty blog entry i will be older still. every now and then a new white hair announces itself to the world, my temples slowly winterizing.

nothing has really changed, work is work, my free time is still looking for a real purpose. but overall things are well. i am still crazy in love with my lady, my four-legged friends are healthy and happy, no real complaints here.

art? well i'm still drawing and doodling all kinds of weird shtuff while the hours crawling by at work. scribbles and such i have been posting on my TUMBLR. check'er out yo!

thats where my online presence wanders. also the nerdy page i update as slowly as i keep this one going. been spending some energy with my brother and his IronMan life, probably too much Iron in my brains.

still doing the skulls whenever i can. still good times. this is what i'm working on right now; it's already changed a big deal since i took the picture, the end result will be... something.

it feels like i have been posting on this blog but it turns out i haven't, its been that damn tumblr! so lets see what else is visually enticing and new? well, i am taking part in a badass Lovecraft based Zine! brainchild of the talented Trevor Henderson the zine is entitled PUFFED SHOGOTHS, has some serious talent on board and will def be a site for sore eyes! 

here are my 2 humble entries: 

i will keep yous guys up to date with that zine. be sure to pick one up when they happen!
the time is now 2:52am, and my back hurts. its not that i type so incredibly slowly but rather that i get crazy distracted. between penning details on whatever the heck i'm working on and watching season one of this "new" CGI styled GreenLantern cartoon. good times. but this chair does suck, and as much as i want to go to bed... its too late for that. Jess will be getting up for her baking job very soon, and to crawl into bed a mere half hour before she gets up, risking waking her up, its not worth it. 

well, lets wrap this up. i need to lie down on the couch or something i guess. catch y'all next time. hopefully not months down the road. geez man!

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