Monday, December 31, 2012

hours to go!

hey internet peoples!!

this year is just about up, drinks are being poured, lists for changes are being made... and after all is said and done, its just another day. 
hey so the world didn't end a couple days ago, thats pretty cool, would have been a bummer for sure! hope everyone is doing good, in good health and all that, high spirits. things are good on my end, been busy here and there and so on... lets see... biggest piece of news; got ENGAGED! madness i know. if you know me you know its been a long time coming and i couldn't be happier! now comes the incredible stress and panic of planning the actual event. 

on the art front its been pretty quiet. i did however come to a revelation... i'm an "illustrator" more than i am anything else. if you ask me to draw you a ninja squirrel i will laugh for a few minutes and get it done with gusto! though having to stop and try to think of getting back into galleries; creating a new body of art and being super deep and such... my brain shuts down. so let's not worry about it and have some fun! 

here are some watercolours i was messing with. can't seem to drop the SKULLS heh.

on to some work i've been up to, and awesomeness to come... here is the new cover for the 2nd installment of ALL YOUR FATES, an awesome multi-dimensional novel on WATTPAD, and soon to be much much more ;)   that is all i will say for now. lets just say i will be buying a crap load of new pens!

here is a link to chapters! READ!>>  ALLYOUR FATES  <<

also! will be launching new site, shaking off the past and moving forwards! intend to get back into the thick of things, working the FB fan page, the tweets, the blog, the whole nine! here is a monster i drew at work. yay free time at work to draw random stuff!... mostly monsters. yep. it is what it is.


wish you all the best. hope 2013 works pretty sweet with you all. lets all get our shits together and live awesome lives! 

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