Monday, January 21, 2013

imported breakfast cereals

hey. hows it going?
i'm doing alright, chugging along the track i have laid out for myself. checking things off my daily lists, high-fiving myself metaphysically  things are good. if not for the sudden return of winter outside, i would say things are fantastic. but who am i to complain about the weather? i know my complaints and lengthy letters to the weather bureau won't actually affect anything, but hey, we all do it.

i have an instagram account now! i will be using it to post pics of works as i am working on them, maybe some action figure photos... pictures of the dog... and food i guess, since that does seem to be the primary purpose of this app. i dont know how, if i even can, put a link to my instagram flow thinger... so just look me up! HUGOISAGHOST  is my thing. my handle...

so yea, i post stuff like this ^  and then later on will post the finished piece either on my FB page or on here, or wherever... until i get the website redone and shiny again this will be the way i get stuff out... or i will keep some pieces secret until i can BAM show on new site!

 i feel like i am going back to my roots. back to the basics. drawing for the hell of it, on random pads of paper here and there. i have 2 nice pads of vellum paper, 2 watercolour pads... oh yea, i think im good for a couple of weeks. debating what will become of the full roll of mylar from way back. something will happen. something. i enjoyed working on mylar too much to just walk away from it. so we'll see..

most every drawing i do lately has at least one skull involved. not necessarily a bad thing... or a good thing. i think i have to try to avoid the skulls a bit, just to make sure i can. just to make sure i am not trapped to forever draw skulls!

been doodling on coloured paper too. using a pen of different weight, putting lines down on funky colours... it really calls forth a new level of fun in subject matter. more punch! i guess i have always known this... but just saying. Oh! so i have decided that i will release a new zine or... lets say before May. i have not put together a zine since 2009! i only have one copy of that zine and its so nice to look back on. need to revisit the art of zines!!! i intend to actually put effort into spreading the news and shipping these badboys out. opposed to sitting at a table at a zine fair and waiting for the people to come to me. no no no. no more of that nonsense.  gotta go for the kill! grrrr... grr... meow.

on an unrelated note i have had Elmo's song stuck in my head. but instead of the actual words i have meows. its pretty awful. maybe more coffee will make it stop. yes... that makes sense.

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