Thursday, October 17, 2013

am i old yet?

30 days from now i will be married

a couple of days after that we will be welcoming the year 2014.

months will pass and i will be a 30 year old, married man. will i still be working the same miserable job? will my to-do list still be as long as it is today? will my string of bad financial decisions catch up with me? will i continue to collect action figures and the sort? oooh such concerns for the future!!

what am i going on about? am i actually concerned about these things? am i so vain that i worry about the white hairs that will probably soon outnumber the dark ones?... provided of course i still have hair.

the answer: mmmaybe. i don't know for certain. but that's really the root of all these concerns. the uncertainty of the future. i have a long, long list of plans and hopes and dreams, but unfortunately the time and energy i have allotted to attack this list is very limited. therein lies the rub.

so i am still on this dead-giant-astronauts kick. the above is one of many in the works. colouring takes more time than drawing sometimes. i blame technology....
so all these drawings and ideas are starting to actually become something in my head. i have an idea for what can be a pretty awesome zine/small book. not to give too much away; it is related to the one-way Mars trip that was announced. i keep thinking about it! i mean, i am obviously not going to apply (also its too late) but the very concept of it has turned my world upside down!

drew this a while back. then coloured it and made some prints to sell at a show. need to make some more and get printed. maybe assemble some postcards for peeps. ah the list! the list!!

apparently it has been a long while since i have posted on here, so of course there are tons of drawings that have passed between now and then. my apologies to whoever actually checks this blog. yes you. you!!

got some hardwood scraps to work on. maybe i will do a few more. if they were a bit longer i can connect them in various combinations and make some fantastic exquisite corpses. 

nothing too exciting to report. just felt the need to post SOMETHING! if things go well in my brains i will be able to post more frequently and with actual content. but who knows for sure. as i said, so much is uncertain. well... not everything i suppose.
30 days from now i will be married. so even though i am unsure of where i will be and what i will be doing in the years to come; i know who i will be with. and that makes me pretty gosh-darn happy. even if i can't get her to read a comic-book :-\

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