Friday, November 8, 2013

will i be pretty? will i be rich?

there are 8 days left til my wedding,
the wedding is affecting my dreams now. the other night i went back in time to visit my in-laws for some reason. fancy stuff right?

when we were dating i remember asking a magic 8 ball what was in store for us. it was always positive, and when it wasn't i shook it again until it was haha. that's life isn't it? we try to squeeze the things we want to into the crazy superstitions and wishes we make. try to make sense of idiotic horoscopes and fortune cookies.

what will i be when i grow up? handsome? rich? ...whatever will be will be. i guess.

i mean how terrifying would life be if you had any idea of what your actual future will look like. every step would be a nightmare. fortunately we are pretty blind to the future. ignorance is bliss?

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