Thursday, June 25, 2009


well, its happening.

my internet service is going to be gone in a day or two and i will be forced to reconnect with the real world until i can bring in constant income with which to pay the intranet giants and get back to wasting countless hours doing facebook quizzes. so hopefully in the meantime i will be able to use my time more wisely and hopefully, hopefully, theoretically... get more arts done. but really who knows.

oh man. today i feel like the constant routine and drag that is my life has hit home. the fantastically illustrated shit hit the fan. ok well maybe that didn't just happen today. its been feeling this way for a while now. eugh... i need more challenges in life. but thats another story.

hey so... Michael Jackson died today. that came as a crazy shock when it was sent to me via text message. death is always unexpected, but really there are some that are more unexpected than others. this was one i would say.
i wasn't a huge fan of MJ, i didn't really... understand him. but i did admire him and the influence he has had on so many musicans and people of all sorts. he will be missed but definitely not forgotten.

i did 3 small drawings today. here they are. alongside their initial sketches that i doodled while watching SpongeBob. its so cool to see what the lil scribbles amount to when more time and focus is invested.

and with that.... goodbye for a while fair interweb. you will be missed.
hopefully i will still find time to do whatever it is the internet is for.
upload. update. etc.

take it easy, breezy...

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