Sunday, January 3, 2010



how about that! i don't have to say "thousand" anymore! which is... good? who knows. looking back at past blog entries i am noticing they are more chit-chat rants than anything else. so i will spare you this time. i will sum up my year so far by saying that i am sick and my dog is sick and its cold and boo its sucks.

here is my chester at christmas! poor guy got assulted by the "hey lets make the dog look like an idiot" jerks.

ok so i bought a pound of paper at Wal-Mart the other day and then decided to toss them on drawings. i dont know how i feel about the outcome. most likely i am done. i will end up using the lovely coloured papers for something else... but what?! a diorama you say?!

more playing with wood chips while waiting for train.

ok so i did these two little watercolurs entitled "childhood friend 1" and "childhood friend 2" respectively, because for an xmas get together gift exchange the idea was to make something. so i made these and then framed and wrapped the top one. after being stolen a few times it ended up at the happy hands of Dianne. i am thinking i will make many more little watercolours like this. though they will not all be blogged about as that will defeat the purpose of updating and redoing the ol' website.

ok. now that i got that blogging bug out of my system for the day i need to get on my "serious" art. 2010 huh... already a thorn in my spine... or however the expression goes.

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