Sunday, January 31, 2010

short month


it is the first day of February! the month know for its shortness, paper hearts, and sad faces. not to mention the fact that i seem to spell it wrong most every time.
i hope you have all been well. i have been pretty okay. i am failing on my NewYrs Resolution with great eagerness. on the bright side i have been slaying away on work for the solo show. i will upload some teasers next time we meet. now here is some news and such.

well i am currently splitting my waking hours between solo show art, other illustration stuff, and renovating my basement!! i have made much too many trips to the hardware store these days. seriously. hours upon hours lost picking out the right toilet, vanity, potlights, dragging laminate flooring and sheets of drywall around... oh death. here is a photo of me taking a picture of a vanity i liked for the sake of deciding. thought i would share because i think its funny. also i dont seem to post pics of myself. however will you know its me when we by chance meet?

Feb.12 . 8pm . You Know What Love IS . Sleeping Giant Gallery
this will be a very awesome show. a very sexxxy show i am thinking. featuring most of the amazing skills that brought you the Villain Show!! also the show is sponsored by MadLove. meaning there will surely be some love-inspired freebies. you would be a not-cool person to miss it. here is the facebook event page! people still use facebook right??

Mar.19 . 3-9pm . Broken Arts Fair . McLaughlin Library . Oshawa
do you like zines? love them maybe? love arts and crafts and baked goods and junk?! well... if you live in Oshawa or if you like drives/GO trains/whatever... you want to go to this! there will be many tables chalk-full of amazing stuff and things to buy and enjoy! not only will i have my SECOND zine available for purchase (copies of the first one "it was the blurst of times" will still be kicking!).... i have been making small drawings on different coloured papers and will have them for peoples at DIRT CHEAP prices!! heres a shot of a bunch of them so far:

i don't have much more to tell i don't think. if anything else comes up be sure you wills be one of the firsts to know. much love.

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