Friday, January 15, 2010

i gots 99 problems

for once i have decided to open a blog entry with an image opposed to... words. it looks nice when other ppl and well, maybe it'll look good on me. how y'all been? i'm okay. been trying to keep busy doing my thang. been slacking more than i care to admit. new yr resolutions already going down the crapper. need to redo the website. thinking of using the twins up there as a jumping point. dunno.

this is an illustration i did for LemonLife. i'll let you look at their site and hopefully the article will be up when you do and you can judge for yourself whether its a fair illustration for said article. i decided to throw the initial sketch in there too. sketches are funs!

random sketchbook stuff.
6-page sketches of an... origin story of some character i came up with named Dr.Think... may have mentioned him some months back... may need to change the character's name as i don't think the origin story works with name... or maybe i will make many origins for same character and it'll be a fun gimmick of sorts... ( i realize its hard to follow, decided to post just to show those that might care how scribbly my sketches are at times.)

need to get about a million things done these days. haha maybe thats what i mean by 99 problems... also i was playing the Jay-Z track and couldn't resist. if only i didn't have to sleep... oh but how i love to sleep! to dream!

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